The Vallarta Garden Club

by Marcia Blondin

Last Thursday the Vallarta Garden Club had their first meeting of the season at the Paradise Community Center. It was well attended; really well attended, much to everyone’s happy surprise. Lots of familiar faces and some new ones too who care about how Vallarta looks and want to help. With a $200 peso donation quite a few became members of this worthy organization.
The Puerto Vallarta Garden Club was formed by the one and only Bob Price, also founder and curator of our Botanical Gardens. Bob explained how he tries to work with the city on behalf of the Garden Club whenever there are city-works projects that could include new plantings. He gets right in there and, more often than not, ends up donating plants that have been grown at the Botanical Gardens. Over 3,000 bougainvilleas were donated over the last couple of years. However, the city watered them once so they were all lost except for the ones that the Garden Club cares for. Those plantings – on Basilio Badillo and Parque Lazaro Cardenas – to name just two areas – are doing fine. However, it was not the intention of the Garden Club to nurture the plantings forever!
This is directed at those businesses on Basilio Badillo whose curb appeal looks so much better than they did a few years ago.
I have to make this very clear that this request is coming from me personally; please take care of your pretty new plants and trees, water them when they get thirsty. Pick up the trash that gets dumped in the planters. Sweep up the dead flowers and/or leaves that fall on the sidewalk. Take care of the plantings and they will take care of you. If you don’t know how much water to use or you think maybe a pruning is in order just go to the Paradise Community Center every third Thursday of the month at 11 in the morning and ask the members of the Vallarta Garden Club. The meetings are open to all, with the whole point being -Let’s all of us make Vallarta more beautiful!
If you find yourself wanting to do something creative and useful, join the Garden Club, share your expertise if you have any, or just get your hands dirty with a great bunch of people who get involved in our city and environs. Like they say “as a community we must WORK TOGETHER to make PV beautiful”.
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  1. I am not surprised that the city did not water the 3,000 donated Bougainvilleas plants more than once, because maintenance is not something that government does well. Just look at the condition of the roads and street lighting in PV..

    I have Bougainvilleas in my front yard in San Francisco. When they are in full bloom, everyone walking up the street stops and admires them. However, they require regular watering, pruning, and the flower petals blow all over the street, sidewalk, and up my stairs.

    In San Francisco green front yards used to be required. Then the city put in free trees along the space between the sidewalk and curb, and left it up to the house owners to take care of them. Along the shopping area, the shop owners are required to take care of them.

    The leaves are always a problem, and the property owners are expected to sweep them up. We had two trees in front of our house as long as I can remember. They were kept small with regular pruning to prevent them from taking over the sidewalk and street. Their roots required the sidewalk to be replaced at least once.

    When the U.S. Mail delivery truck knocked down one tree , it was not replaced. My wife took an electric saw to the second one, and now we do not have to sweep up the leaves , prune or water. The space is filled in with bricks to avoid pulling the weeds, etc.

    The city street light now lights our house and driveway at night.

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