The transformation of public spaces in the city continues

• The people of Vallarta will have a new Cultural Center in El Pitillal and a completely renovated public park in La Floresta

After a long time in abandonment, the municipal government carries out the renovation of two important public spaces that will soon allow families to enjoy cultural, artistic, recreational and sports activities, such as the projects to reconversion of the El Pitillal market in a Cultural Center and the rehabilitation of the La Floresta neighborhood park, which together will have an investment of more than 4 million pesos.

The mayor supervised the progress of these projects, which are already beginning to transform, as is the case of the El Pitillal Cultural Center, where work is already underway to reinforce its structure, the opening of some spaces, the change of hydraulic and sanitary facilities. and electrical; the renovation of bathrooms, among other actions, which will shortly allow for presentations, artistic training workshops, rescue and dissemination of trades, study rooms and educational training.

“It is a very important work that we will be delivering in the month of January, providing facilities that are not only worthy, but also functional, as we remember that this municipal market was underused for many years and now allows us to provide the community with a place that combines the arts, training in trades and that is linked to other spaces that we have in this area; It will undoubtedly be an important facility for our municipality ”, explained the first mayor.

He also toured the work of the La Floresta neighborhood park, an area that for many years was in abandonment and that today is undergoing a total transformation, since its basketball court is rehabilitated, new mesh is installed, lighting changes to a led system that will allow the use of this public space also during the afternoon – night; A walker is also built, the soccer field and children’s games will be renovated, so it will be an area that young and old can enjoy.

“It is going to be a very beautiful, attractive area, so that the young people of this neighborhood and others that are around, can come here to exercise, to enjoy a soccer game, basketball or fast soccer and above all, to be able to bring the children, ”said the mayor. The works in this public park will directly benefit 1,480 people who live in the area. 2 million 141 thousand 936 pesos are allocated to this project.

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