The Times They Are A-Changin'

The Times They Are A-Changin’

If you are visiting us here in paradise, you probably wouldn’t have noticed the change away from summer towards winter weather. But, us full-time residents definitely see the changes all around.


Cool mornings, very little rain, more tourists and snowbirds, and a lot more traffic. It won’t be long before the whales arrive.


Out on the water, we have another good month or so of some of the best big game fishing on the planet. Black and Blue Marlin are still on the bite, along with Dorado (Mahi-Mahi), Yellowfin Tuna, and Roosterfish.


Don’t miss out on the hot bite. Go get some!




If I could only to fish one month of the year, I’d choose November. The offshore fishing for marlin, tuna, and other pelagic species is as good as it gets. And, along the beaches, it’s still peak season for the highly prized Roosterfish.


The choice is yours, inshore or offshore trophy fishing. Too tough to choose? Do both! Head to Cabo Corrientes and chase Roosterfish in the morning and then switch to Billfish in the afternoon.




Recently listed by Sport Fishing Magazine as the number one game fish in the world, hooking and releasing a majestic Blue Marlin is the pinnacle of sport fishing.


While males of the species rarely exceed 300 pounds, females can grow to over 2,000 pounds. And, they don’t just grow big, they are fast—real fast—110 kilometers per hour top-end speed fast.


But, it is the acrobatics that set the Blue Marlin apart from all other fish. They don’t just dance across the water; they tear the water up.


While they can be caught here any time of year, the season is really from June to December, with November being my favorite month.


Tactics for catching these remarkable fish vary based on conditions and crew experience. When they are spread out, the best method is to troll lures. If you find a location where they are congregating, then dead or live bait fishing is the way to go.


The perfect fish? Hmmm. If only they roared when they jump.




The Puerto Vallarta International Marlin & Sailfish Tournament <> will be held from November 13-16th. Many boats offer special deals to anglers that wish to fish this prestigious event. This is a great way to catch your marlin and perhaps even win some cash or great prizes.