The Stars Above Vallarta: Your slightly cheeky horoscope

Here is your slightly cheeky, weekly travel horoscope. Advice to follow, or ignore. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Lazing about may appeal to you more than jumping into your trip with both feet — if you can, take your time and let your mind wander. And never fear: A ton of energy comes from the stars. See the sights, meet the people and more, all with aplomb. This weekend’s all about communication — with the new folks around you and the folks back home. Reach out.


Your intuition guides you to connect with interesting people, and these connections get you some great insider info. Watch for artistic and musical happenings. Some sort of responsibility may call from home — a work issue, possibly, or a family matter. Pleasure, relaxation, the outdoors and even a little romance are in the stars from Friday through the weekend — lucky you!


Beware of overspending on the road. Unexpected expenses may set you back; scale back your travel itinerary and economize, and you can still see and do plenty. Immerse yourself in the local culture — who needs a luxurious hotel when you’re spending your time in cafes, dancing, looking at art and more? Looking into your destination’s history is fascinating this weekend, and it may prompt some self-revelations as well. The present is so much richer with a full understanding of the past.


You’re saying ‘giddyap’, but the universe is saying ‘whoa.’ Business travelers should hesitate before inking a big deal now. Be thrifty with your expenses this weekend and generous with your personal charm — traveling in fine style now is more about what you bring to it than how much cash you leave behind. Bonus: A less hefty credit card bill waiting back home.


Joining a group tour offers a number of advantages — learning a lot about your destination, new acquaintances and increasing your comfort level among them. From Friday through the weekend, the world’s your oyster. Savor all the aspects of your journey with heightened awareness, and you might just find that pearl.


Give the passion for travel, with all its delicious uncertainties, time to take hold. Someone you encounter offers some insider advice to smooth your path, and before you know it, you’re having fun. Be attentive to bills and money matters this weekend; a little extra awareness goes a long way.


This week is custom-made for exploration of the unknown, so delve into every aspect of your destination — food, cultural offerings, street life, sporting events and more. Watch for a ‘eureka!’-type conversation, too. From Friday through the weekend, your charm factor is sky-high. Make some new friends and have a little party.


Avoid carrying a lot of cash or making any major purchases on the road. More creative endeavors — enjoying art, brainstorming new ideas — are much more favored now. A swirling miasma of cosmic energy from Friday through the weekend offers almost anything you could desire. The only key is not to overindulge in any one thing — and why would you, when there’s so much to enjoy?


Travel involves making lots of little adjustments — to your itinerary, to your expectations, to your attitude. Calm and flexible is the key to a happy journey. Your time is full of purpose and perhaps should schedule in some downtime. This weekend, the more different it is from home, the more you’re embracing it — now you’ve truly got the spirit.


One-on-one relationships are in the stars — new friends, new contacts for business travelers or even a new romance are all distinct possibilities. Make nice and have fun! From Friday through the weekend, cultural offerings, interesting food and more are offered up to you via the universe’s hospitality. Say thank you and help yourself — just don’t overdo it.


Your ability to turn a scenario into nearly exactly what you’re looking for applies to the whole world, so make your destination both fantasy and reality. Romance could certainly be a part of it, too! Give something back for the sake of your travel karma. Offering someone a hand with luggage, sharing your guidebook — it doesn’t have to be elaborate, just heartfelt.