Marcia Blondin

The Palm Cabaret opened its doors last week to start their 20th season in Vallarta. And what a celebration it was. Starting off as they do each year by donating profits to a charity, RISE (Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza) went home with more than 50,000 pesos.


The lineup for Opening Night was a mere tease of what is to come this season: the fabulous Miss Conception, the hostess with absolutely everything, took charge and introduced the stellar entertainment interspersing her duties with fab frocks and songs.


Spencer Day is back at the Palm, where he and so many other entertainers gained a foothold in the hearts of Vallartenses. Backed by local guitaristas Zoe and Leon, he sang one of my favorite songs of his, ‘Movie of your Life.’ Newcomer to the Palm, Lady Zen received a standing ovation for her rendition of ‘Diamonds are Forever,’ from the movie Goldfinger, made famous by Shirley Bassey. Luis Villanueva surprised me – in a good way – with his charming onstage presence and clarity of his voice. Moelle, for the first time, have a home for the season at The Palm. I love lead singer Fernanda’s delivery; she can be cheeky, sexy, downright sultry while always maintaining a youthful sincerity and a voice full of life’s promises. The band Piel Canela has been reconstructed and rocked the full house with flamenco/Gipsy Kings and Latin rhythms. The Palm may have to figure out where to put the dance floor! Bravo Adriana, Gustavo, Alex and Kevin, and one of the best sound guys in the city Santiago!


The Vallarta Garden Club had its first meeting last week. What a terrific group of people who together form work parties and head out to make Vallarta even more beautiful. Their annual gala in January is something to behold. It is their biggest fundraiser and sells out well before the end of the year. You can always go to their website and/or Facebook page for information on how to get involved and buy tickets to the event.


At the meeting at Incanto, Yvonne Kalman took the stage and invited Garden Club members to attend HER fabulous soiree that is taking place Saturday, December 7th, at 6 pm. Casa Yvonneka, where the party will be held, is a marvel of engineering rising from the highway seven floors up to Hortencia street in Alta Vista and beautiful to boot.

Yvonne often has parts of her house overrun with cats and dogs – all rescued from the streets of Vallarta. She feeds, bathes, walks – whatever the animals need – vet bills get paid, and the animals are flown to homes in the United States. This event is to ensure she can continue her rescue mission. The ‘Friends of Animals‘ flew over 150 dogs to Washington state last year. If you are looking for a good cause and love giant prawns and filet mignon, I will see you at the party. Oh, and do come dressed as Frida and/or Diego – it is an added delightful part of the evening.


Thanksgiving Day is upon us. I will be joining Canadian and Mexican friends at El Rio BBQ/Bar in Paso Ancho for their smoked turkey feast. I love El Rio. It is a super place to spend the whole day, eating, drinking, listening to music and dancing if you feel like it, and swimming in the river. At night it is magic. You will have to go next month for the evening Tribute concerts starting with ‘The Doors‘ on December 21st.


If you are away and missing our warmth and beautiful beaches; perhaps it’s cold where you are, know that our Thanksgiving wishes are for you to join us in Vallarta as soon as you can. We will wait for you, From Here.

Marcia Blondin