The malleability of light

Durango, Durango.- Gilberto Lastra Guerrero, artist and reporter, in December will exhibit collectively in France, part of the series “Una Luz Más”, of electronic painting with the organizer of international exhibitions, Thierry Singer.
Lastra Guerrero has dedicated himself not only to writing or to give creative writing workshops to people with disabilities or conditions such as autism or Down syndrome. On this occasion, the painting is an electronic format.
From a stroke he captures emotions on a canvas through light. Light as a malleable matter at the same time becomes the substance where color takes root.

For Lastra, the value of painting is not only the technique but also the intensity of the strokes. In his work, “ El Movimiento y la Refracción de la Luz” (The Movement and Refraction of Light) he creates images, color systems.
“I always try to disaggregate concepts, light, it seems to me the most interesting, because it is not only to reveal the darkness, the absence of color, and bring it back to the world: to materialize it. It is also a human and natural symbol. Light is in a certain way, food of life, of the spirit. From the body ”, commented the artist. In art, light is a preponderant factor, and in Lastra’s words, it is a malleable material, despite the very nature of this element, elusive.
“That is the phenomenon that is sought, to make light an ordinary substance. Make light an emotional line. I think that’s the difficulty. The connection between the moment and the luminous phenomenon. Despite the apparent static, it moves. Something similar to the river of Heraclitus. The art of the materialization of the being outside his body. It is interesting to know how a line detaches itself from one and becomes an abstraction ”, he said.
The pieces that will be exhibited are Continuidad, OR para Alejandra, El Reverso del Horizonte, Horizontes a Través de un Pájaro and Víspera de las Hojas (Continuity, OR for Alejandra, The Reverse of the Horizon, Horizons Through a Bird and Eve of the Leaves). Lastra expresses intimacy, events in his life with the work.
“It is a way of exploring those moments in life that marked you as a human being. For me these paintings are like stitched wounds in the soul. Light is seen by humanity as knowledge, as a plane beyond ours, but it is also a living, expressive element. In a way, the root of life ”.
He considered that the series is a form of creative freedom, a new language to which he was not used, purely sensory.