The Magic Market and Festival opens its doors again

Due to the response of local consumers, as well as the tourists who come to the site, “The Magic Market and Festival” will change its date and last Thursday, November 12, it will be ready to receive visitors to enjoy their creations. unique, delicious flavors and originality, as well as different fun every week.
Puerto Mágico is a place where local artisans can show their products to the inhabitants of the city, as well as to the thousands of tourists who take boat rides, either local or the large transatlantic cruise ships.
The artisans who live in Vallarta can display their products in a place that complies with all hygiene standards, since its architecture evokes a hacienda, it has natural ventilation.
In the food area we show different regions of Mexico showing a wide range of flavors that exist in the different states of the country; together, international cuisine dishes are prepared, such as Argentine, Indian, Spanish and other latitudes, prepared by people who decided to adopt this region as their place to live.