The Gift of Clarity

Finally, I have figured out what a gift clarity is. When you have clarity, you have it all! You clearly know what to do, what road to take, what decisions to make.  Life suddenly becomes so easy. Why does it take us so long to figure this out?

Is it maturity, life lessons, or do we simply stumble upon this, I don’t know the right and perfect answer to that. I just know when you start to live your life by how you feel instead of what you think and what others think you should do, everything becomes so much sweeter.

Why on earth do we give others so much power over our lives? Why does their opinion trump your opinion, what makes them smarter than ourselves?

So much wasted energies spent worrying about this going back and forth from this person to another person, seeking to find the golden answer to what you should do. I am not advising to not to seek wise, trusted counsel but asking 50 people what you should do is simply ridiculous!

I think clarity should be tagged with the word freedom every time it is said; it is such a glorious feeling being free from nagging doubt in one’s life.

You know how you know you have made the perfect and right decision for yourself?  It will just feel 100% right; this is called living life in the sweet spot. When you waffle back and forth about a major life decision, it can eat away at being in the present moment and savouring the happy day you are having.

I know that in life there are big decisions that need making, these decisions are a big deal in the unfolding of your life. My suggestion is, see if it ‘feels’ like you are swimming downstream in the flow or are you paddling upstream against the flow of the current, going backwards. This feeling will be an indication that you are doing the right thing. Make the decision, get your sense of clarity then move on.

For so many, a decision to make a move regarding where your home will be is a biggie. It is even bigger if you are moving to a foreign country where you do not speak the language. Yikes!

Years ago I woke up one morning realized I needed to make some life altering decisions, I found the clarity I needed to make this move, took the plunge and did just that. I sold every single thing I owned: house, car, furniture, packed up a two-year-old and a five-year-old and moved to Costa Rica.  Good lord, I look back now and think, “Wow, big guts girl!!!”  It just felt right; it felt exhilarating, fresh; I felt alive.

A lot of people thought we were crazy, but with my best friend clarity in my back pocket, I did it, much to many surprise and lots of people’s chatter!  When it feels right, you just have to do it. On a side note, in my opinion, Mexico kicks serious butt to Costa Rica.

The food, the easy access, the people – viva Mexico!

The next time you find yourself ping-ponging back and forth for days on a decision, sit down, quiet your mind, listen to your heart and just pull the trigger, do it! Life is too short my friends to not follow your happy heart.

Homework: Start practicing making decisions for yourself without asking ten people their opinion on what you should do. Become your own best counsel.

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Rhonda Zarate
Happy Heart Lifestyle Coach
Rhonda Zarate is a Happy Heart Lifestyle Advisor. Her favorite thing to do is help people find their happiest hearts through Coaching. Vlogging, Boutique Real Estate & she authored a book Find Your Happy Planner.
Sharing her love for the happy path and her family makes her heart the happiest, being part of a Heart Tribe is one’s greatest JOY.