The Compass In My Voice

Why do some magnets pull together and others repel each other? Is there an inner compass within our physical body that has similar properties? How will I know when I’ve found my voice?
The Pacific Ocean is described as the largest and deepest of our world’s ocean basins. This is about half of the free water on the Earth. Feeling taller in PV? Fascinating fact…Banderas Bay in the Pacific is about 40 cm higher than the Atlantic Ocean.
Each day the ocean surrounding Vallarta (and the majestic Sierra Madres) enliven us with energy and seems to restore the soul. It’s not our imagination. In our walking we take in the healing ions and our mind dismisses minor details and worrisome issues. Even better if we’ve turned off the phone. In a future article we’ll share more about the PV vortex energy flow.
It is no wonder that many of us in Vallarta include meditation, yoga and nature walks. Neuroscience studies have validated that “ocean advocacy” is very healthy. Whether resident or visitor Vallarta offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with people and be creative.
Yet this potential freedom doesn’t effect everybody the same way.
A popular understanding of the laws of attraction has expanded the consciousness of millions of people. Applying these concepts requires a belief in them and a clear intention to activate the forces within us. The compass always points to true north because of the energy fields generated deep within the earth’s molten core. So we have to go deeper within ourselves to open our potential to attract all that we desire.
Doing what we love and loving what we do is easy to say but we are challenged by everyday responsibilities and events. When I taught Anthropology I didn’t know that Aboriginal Dreamtime would one day make more sense and demonstrate that universal laws do not fade away in our notion of time. The first Australian natives understood that there are laws governing knowledge and survival. They embodied these laws in their stories much like writings preserved in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Emerald Tablets, Phaistos Disk, New Testament, and the Egyptian and Mayan Codex. Scientists and medical practitioners have increasingly adopted knowledge from their peers of thousands of years ago. These include that of shamans, alchemists and primitive cultures. That’s the good news. Modern institutions and media, however, keep us mired in superficial information and world events well beyond our control. Thus anxiety, fear and mistrust distract us from our natural state of compassion, respect and peacefulness. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
The Law of Attraction popularized today came from 19th century writers and was adapted into our materialistic desires in Rhonda Byrne’s 2006 film, The Secret. Her interviews of philosophers, scientists and authors presented how we can learn to visualize and manifest our goals. The focus, however, was more on how to get financially wealthy. We intellectually know that money can’t buy happiness. How often have we heard the phrase “have a heart”. Why not ask the universe to provide us with all that we desire? Money, health, love and family. We have the power and the free will to exercise our inner energy forces. Can we channel our thoughts to produce positive energy pulses in our body? When our desires and positive attitude are clear, we open the doors for the universe to provide its abundance.
Our body cells, tissues and organs generate electrical fields that can be detected on the skin surface. These fields create a magnetic field in the surrounding space. Highly sensitive magnetometers can now measure these frequencies. Our entire nervous system is an “antenna”. Brain waves move throughout the body so we project energy outside our body. If we can send electrical impulses then we can also receive them. The laws of attraction have science confirming their existence. There are no coincidences.
Consider the human heart. This amazing organ provides us with oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood. Scientists at the HeartMath Institute proved the heart generates the most powerful electromagnetic field in our body. Research showed that when people touch or are close, transference of this energy from the heart occurs. Love at first sight is beyond fantasy.
With this new information began practices such as healing touch, chi gong and reiki. But wait, we’ve also established that “intentionally generated positive emotions” can alter the make-up of our electromagnetic fields. By self-regulating our intentions and emotions we can replace unhealthy patterns in our field. Positive emotions can reduce stress, enhance relationships, improve mental acuity and enhance healing.
We don’t know yet know the effect of human energy fields over longer distances. Quantum field theories describe the interaction of microscopic and sub-atomic particles that flow around and through us. As scientists consider the mystery of our consciousness and thought, research will bridge the gap between our physical and metaphysical existence. We don’t need to wait.
The Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean waters meet at Cape Town, the southern tip of South America. It is an imaginary border like between our countries. Who will we meet this week to enrich our spirit?
Like attracts like, so spread the smiles and gratitude Vallarta provides.