The Balance Series: Stacked at Impact

Balance is controlled by your pivot motion- the way you twist and turn and displace weight on the way back and through.  This,  my friends is the key to a good golf swing and consistent shots.  In this series we will help you to better understand how balance works within your entire golf game.  Enjoy…

One of the best feelings you can have as a golfer is to reach impact in a more connected and stacked position- where everything is working together and your head, sternum, and zipper are “matched up.”  Whenever your lowerbody runs out from under you it tends to cause the head to migrate backwards moving the player’s low point backwards.  When you do this on a driver it helps you hit more up on the ball, but when you do so with irons you are in for a real challenge!

Remember to hit smaller practice shots with the idea of keeping your head, sternum, and zipper matched up with your weight forward and build your speed up from there.  If you do so, you will have a much better time on the links.