The Aztec Empire Extends to Oceania

The itinerant exhibition Aztecs, Conquest and Glory has received thousands of visitors on its travels through Europe. In mid- September 2014, it opened at the Australian Museum, where it will remain until February 1, 2015.
A wonderful opportunity for people in other parts of the world to learn more about the Aztec civilization, the exhibition consists of no less than 266 artifacts from museums like the Teotihuacán Archaeological Zone, the National Anthropology Museum, the National Viceroyalty Museum and the National Anthropology and History Library, including breathtaking possessions of Aztec rulers crafted by skilled artisans.
In the 15th Century, while Europe was entering the Renaissance, the Aztecs controlled a large empire with a complex social and economic organization and world vision.
Multimedia touch screens reveal the mysteries of this culture rich in folklore, from the origins and evolution of the Aztec people to their religious beliefs and rituals, the life of their royals and commoners, their markets, trade and agriculture, war and the Spanish conquest that finally brought about the fall of the empire.

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  1. When I think of the Aztec , Maya , Olmec and other civilizations and people of Mexico, Amber comes to mind …. and the bright colors that the ambers from Chiapas are found from the mines. Even Russia, I think of the Amber Room, that was removed during WWII by the German military as one of the many important works of art they stole. Today the restored Amber Room in Russia is considered the 8th wonder of the world. I have pictures of the restored Amber Room obtained at the facility, but the amber in no way has the colors of the original. The red, and blood red colored amber is missing due to the rarity of red amber as only one piece in 200 pieces of amber recovered from the mines are red, and fewer are blood red.

    I wonder if in the Aztec exhibition … Montezuma II ‘s amber spoon that he used stir his coco with is among the artifacts shown, or the story told.. Although the amber was over 22 million years old, like the Aztecs, they didn’t survive the Europeans very well. But then then there is Montezuma’s revenge to those Europeans who come to Mexico today.

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