Taxi Fares in Vallarta and further

I get this question a fair bit and it is definitely posted on Facebook forums regularly. I thought I’d take a moment to offer some clarity to Taxi Fares in our little tropical paradise.
For information online please visit
They have rates of both airport and city taxis online, though they may need to be slightly updated.

Dear Madeline

I have been reading the Vallarta Tribune for a couple of weeks now, I just have one comment about the taxi rate your paper says is a set rate. That is not true.
When we go from our resort in Nuevo Vallarta to the airport, the rate is set at 145 pesos. However, when we come to Puerto Vallarta and we ask the taxi drivers at the airport about the rate, it goes from $25 to $30 usd, so is the rate set? I DON’T think so.
Even when we ask the taxi price inside the airport it is the same. Rip off.
Can someone look into this, please?
A tourist for 17 years

Dear ATF17Y:
Rates at resorts and at the airport are set and are much higher than hailing a taxi off the street. You can find these rates usually posted by the reception area of your hotel and at the taxi booths in the airports. If you are hailing your own taxi it is advised that you always enquire and set the price for your ride PRIOR to getting into the taxi.
Taxis on the street do have set prices depending on what zones you are traveling in and most carry the pricelist with them. Ask to see it if you are wary. Short trips around downtown are 50 pesos, Pitillal to downtown is 80 pesos, yesterday I paid 120 pesos to go from the airport to centro, but this is with a taxi outside of the airport and had I wanted to walk a short distance to Marina Plaza it would have been 80-100 pesos. Inside the airport gates I would have paid 215 pesos.
I am not familiar with taxi rates from Nuevo Vallarta to the Malecon but I do know that from Bucerias it is 250 pesos and Sayulita is upwards of 600.
I imagine at issue is the return leg of your trip. Consider that a Puerto Vallarta taxi is not technically allowed to bring passengers back into the city so because the trip is doubled, likely the fare is too.
Like many things in Mexico there are rules, but whether they are followed is another thing. Best thing to do is set the price before getting in the taxi and shop around until you find one you are happy (satisfied) with.
Or consider befriending a particular taxi driver or two and build relationships that will be financially satisfactory to both of you.
Or consider riding the bus. For less than 20 pesos you’ll be in Vallarta in less than an hour and have a much more interesting story to tell folks back home.


  1. Thanks so much for this info and the website. Very helpful. We have been coming to Vallarta for years. Marilyn

  2. I have not used a taxi in Puerto Vallarta for many years; why should I when the bus is 7.5 pesos, and they are almost everywhere, or at last are very numerous. Taxies from the airport are more expensive. We used to use them when we brought large luggage. After taking the trip to PV for 36 years, I have reduced my luggage to two carryons. No longer do I have to pay the airline for large suitcase, or wait in the baggage lines at the two airports. No lost luggage either. Actually the hotels with all inclusive, and great entertainment most every night; and the hotels are safer to be at night.

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