Tatewari’s First Canadian Tour!

The boys of Tatewari, homegrown La Cruz favorites, bring their beautiful, classic flamenco-style music, infused with Rumba and Jazz, seasoned with a little Mexican heat that only Tatewari can deliver.
In the quaint fishing village of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, childhood friends Esau, Mimi, and Dani created Tatewari Banda in 2006; their dream was to become a ‘World-Class Flamenco Band.’ In the fall of 2011, Sonny joined forces with these ‘Sons of the Cross,’ and together they have forged a path to achieve their goal of mastering their talent and love of flamenco music in traditional performances, as well as creating their own compositions, improvisations, and interpretations.
‘Sons of the Cross’ refers to the English translation of ‘La Cruz de Huanacaxtle’ or ‘The Cross of Huanacaxtle.’ The magnificent trees that dominate the town square and the cross at the entrance to our town is made from Huanacaxtle, (also called Parota), a tropical hardwood coveted by fine craftsmen.
In the indigenous Huichol language, the word Tatewari means ‘Grandfather Fire.’ It is with pride and honor that the band members have adopted the name to represent the ‘fire’ within their own creative music. Those who have spent time in La Cruz will have had their musical senses delighted by this band. I adore their music and their onstage interactions. Mimi is the mischievous one, his antics getting Daniel and Esau to crack a smile during performances. Those who’ve watched them grow up have seen them evolve into great musicians and phenomenal young men! A recent addition, Sonny adds a unique rhythmic touch.
Growing up as neighbors, the boys played basketball, watched movies, fished and hung out at the beach. Their musical chapter began when they were invited to learn guitar. Around 2003, Philo offered his bar and long-time expat ‘Guitar Russell’ provided free lessons for all who wanted to learn. There were twenty students in that first class. Russell told me, “Esau and Mimi took to the guitar immediately, but it wasn’t natural to Daniel. It occurred to me that he might be a bass player so I introduced him to that and the rest is history.”
Esaú Galván Saltos, 32, is primarily a ‘flamenco-focused’ musician having studied the craft in Spain in 2010. He has reached a new level of excellence.
At 31, Cruz Alberto ‘Mimi’ Pérez Ramírez, is an excellent guitarist. Enjoying his solo ‘riffs’ is a religious experience! Over the years, he’s also learned flamenco guitar; his talent takes my breath away.
Daniel ‘Dani’ Márquez Ortega, 30, with his solid rhythm work provides a firm ‘bass’ upon which Tatewari builds the mood.
Maestro Russell told me, “My ‘nietos,’ (grandsons) as I call the three of them, always stood out. After a while, it was like throwing gasoline on a fire. They are my most rewarding ‘planted seeds.’ I love them and what great men and musicians they have grown into.”
Sonny Davis, a lover of music and a student of rhythm, joined Tatewari adding a new beat playing the cajon or box drum. Sonny’s rhythmic and harmonic explorations have stretched over many styles and genres. A self-labeled tapper, slapper, banger and player of ‘all things drum-able,’ he went on to refine his approach as percussionist and drummer for a variety of worldbeat fusion, rumba, flamenco, African roots, jazz, dance, blues, funk, rock, and marching band ensembles.
They consider themselves ‘a brotherhood of crystallized talent,’ gifted musicians who enjoy a bond and synergy that is evident in their live performances.
Support live music, tell friends… enjoy Tatewari!

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