Tatewari Travels to Western Canada

About a year and a half ago I wrote my first article for Puerto Vallarta papers about a spectacular group that remains my favorite, the fiery flamenco group Tatewari. At the time, they had just announced their intention to tour Western Canada. That long-planned endeavor will come to fruition this September 2019.

I have been following Tatewari since 2014 when I first heard them play at a fun venue on the beach next to the pier in colonia Emiliano Zapata. They still play Wednesday nights at Cuates y Cuetes. The group is made up of three fellows who grew up together in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Esaú Galván and Alberto “Mimi” Ramírez on guitar and Dani Márquez on bass. They began playing music together in prep school. In 2011, they were joined by a Canadian friend, Sonny Davis, on cajon. The group’s repertoire is a combination of very accomplished flamenco guitar, spirited gypsy rumba and a touch of traditional Mexican favorites. They began playing at small venues and events in San Pancho, La Cruz and Puerto Vallarta, their first paying gig being at El Gallo Restaurant in San Pancho. In those days all they had to initiate their enterprise were their guitars, enthusiasm and devotion to their music. As the years passed they gained recognition and furthered their educations in music including a journey for Esaú to Madrid to study flamenco guitar with maestros at the Academia Cañarroto el Entri.

This year has been one full of activity for Tatewari with the release of their fourth studio album called XII.IV, to commemorate their 12 years playing together. They held release celebrations both at Tree House Bar in their hometown of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and Incanto in Puerto Vallarta, both with very enthusiastic fans.

A year of challenging organizational work by band member Sonny Davis has paid off, as well as the support of their fans who have contributed both funds and contacts to make this upcoming tour a success. Thanks to this community support, they now have a nice lineup of performances beginning in early September and continuing to the end of the month. Their gofundme site is still active at tatewarimusic.com and taking contributions toward the trip.

If you are not in Canada in September, don’t fret. Tatewari has numerous local concerts lined up beginning in the fall as well as their regular performances on Wednesday evenings at Cuates y Cuetes. You can follow their schedule on my website calendar at vallartasounds.com and theirs at tatewarimusic.com.

Happy trails Tatewari! We wish you a great adventure.