Takes a Moment to Reflect

By Erin Staley

Every Saturday, Old Town Farmers’ Market-Tianguis Cultural shoppers are treated to an exceptional spread of “make it, bake it, grow it” goodies. You’ll find traditional market items – farm-to-table produce, aromatic flowers and freshly baked goods – as well as the charm of this international community.

Meet the Market
Ours is a festive “producer” style market that celebrates the tradition and culture of Mexico’s outdoor tianguis markets.
In 2009, market founder, Charlotte Semple, recognized that the area was rich with talented artisans and local growers and that shoppers craved something unique. She believed that a market was greatly needed in the heart of Old Town Vallarta. Vendors, volunteers and local officials, teamed up with Charlotte to open the OTFM-TC in March 2010. It was a huge hit with over 800 national and international shoppers coming to socialize, enjoy live entertainment and scoop up their favorite products.
Today, the OTFM-TC is in its 6th season. It is now a registered non-profit/association civil organization that focuses on the “buy local” movement as well as entrepreneurial and community development.
Over 100,000 shoppers visit every November through April to scoop up ready-to-eat artisan foods, baked goods, local produce, body products, pre-hispanic musical instruments, home décor, jewelry, custom made clothing, fashion accessories, unique arts and crafts. Non-profit organizations, live music and on-site massage and chiropractic services add to the fun-filled, family-friendly atmosphere.
But it isn’t just the food, products and services that make the OTFM-TC a favorite weekend attraction. It’s the people and community organizations that support our market every Saturday.

A Word of “Thanks”
As we reflect on the continued success of the OTFM-TC, we extend a hearty “thank you” to those individuals and organizations that have made the market such a success over the past 6 seasons.
Endless thanks to the tourism and licensing departments of the City of Puerto Vallarta, the Asociacion de Vecinos de la Colonia Emiliano Zapata and numerous other individuals and organizations that have supported the market. Our hats are off to the market’s volunteers, Board of Directors, Vendor Selection Committee and over 90 dedicated vendors who share their products each week. We are delighted to partner with you every Saturday and look forward to an even better market season in 2015!
We also want to recognize those vendors who have contributed to the success of previous market seasons but have moved on to follow other opportunities. To name but a few:Luis Romero, Nina Goodhope, Candace Shaw, Felix Perez, Jeff Obser, Oscar Diaz, Michel Pascal Ferrari, Elizabeth Reeder, Sylvie Scopazzo, Denise Rosenfeld, Christian Calvento, Britta Jan Kay, George Stigar, Kathryn Graves, Daniela Aguilar, Mireya & Abraham Amaral, Cheri Verber, Kyle and Irma Quast, Isis Eglé, Larry and Eve Dorwart, Victor Escalante and Carole Fast as the traffic police.

You’re Invited!
Come on out and join us this Saturday (9:30-2 in Lazaro Cárdenas Park, Old Town) for artisan products, live music and unforgettable moments in sunny Vallarta.
Of course, the International Food Court (located under shaded pergolas on the eastern side of Lazaro Cárdenas Park) is always ready to serve up a plate of deliciousness: Thai, Indian, traditional Mexican favorites (tacos, empanadas, burritos and green pozole) and vegan dishes, such as hamburgers, al pastor and falafels.
We’re open every Saturday from November 1 through April 25. For market updates, visit www.oldtownfm.com and “like” us on Facebook.

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  1. Not to be forgotten are the numerous flea markets and venders located at the Marina pier, and along the Cale River in the Puerto Vallarta downtown area. Plus there are the beach venders , each are the bread winners for their families. I have found some of the most remarkable jewelry at the flea markets that I would not have found in the higher class jewelry stores, and at a much lower price. I wondered about this and talked to a large store manager near the new downtown pier and was told that they did not sell colored amber any more because their customers thought it was artificial amber or had been colored and would not purchase it. Since then , the store has offered high priced artificial honey colored amber. However, most jewelry gem stones are artificially colored or grown today to compete with the higher priced natural gem stones. And artificial amber is offered to compete with the higher priced natural amber. It is buyer beware!

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