T2P – Vallarta’s best-kept musical secret

On St. Patrick’s day, an intimate gathering of 75 fans were treated to a musical romp by an ensemble known as Time to Play. This is what happens when Gary Carson and Don MacLauchlin, two college friends, who performed together back in the day, reconnect in retirement. Put them together with three other musicians, Lois Rogers, Mary MacLauchlin and Joy Lehman, and you have a wonderfully entertaining pop-rock-folk group of friends who just love having fun with music for the enjoyment of others.

Their other passion is to provide a venue for other singers or musicians who love the same thing. These programs are called Open Mike nights. If you’re interested in being entertained, or want to join in by signing up for their next event in November, join them at 7:00 pm on April 3, in Christ Church by the Sea in the courtyard of Plaza Genovesa. Donations at the door will go to support the Escuela de Migrantes. See you there.