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They say writer’s block is a consistent issue in the creative pursuits–so much so in the scrivener game that the writers that curate language named it after themselves–but I gotta be honest, it’s not really something I struggle with. Maybe it’s because I follow that trusty advice to “write what you know,” which is pretty much just myself and my worldview, but then again that’s true of anyone to ever string together a sentence…not like one can write someone else’s thoughts.
Anyway, among the many descriptions of whatever it is I do for a living is “charismatic beach bum,” a position that maximizes the strongest branches of my skill tree. Naturally, I need a reliable office in which to conduct such important work, and that’s why more Thursdays than not I find myself in a beachfront lounger down at Swell…in a professional capacity, of course.
The Vibes: I strolled down the sandy stretch of boardwalk south of the pier toward my scheduled meeting with Lady Zen, who I was lucky enough to meet a few articles ago. Our personalities seemed to mesh at a number of key points, and so what started as a chance to meet a talented performer became a chance to experience a truly interesting human being.
This afternoon was the latest of our meetings since, and we couldn’t have picked a better one for it.
The Sun beamed benevolently over the Banderas Bay; waves shimmering as they rumbled to shore and playfully chased frolickers from their domain. The sea breeze rode in on the current, gently wafting east to salve the beach in a cooling zephyr. A wild beach vendor appeared selling bracelets, of which I clearly do not have enough, and I bid him good day with a polite “gracias.”
Price of admission to the Pacific Coast Theatre is patronage at the establishment, so after exchanging greetings with my inspired friend, we summoned up a bucket of beer and settled in for serious business.
The Vices: The reason for the meeting that day was ostensibly to flesh out our idea for a short film hatched in a similar session, but in the interest of full disclosure I mostly showed up to catch a buzz and work on my tan (which goes all over, if you’ve ever wondered). The project is a layered commentary on [screenplay pitch redacted] and I’m pretty excited about it. .
Still, the third cap had been popped on my side of the table and try as we might, we couldn’t quite push through the fog of collaborative creation. The company was good, but there wasn’t much in the way of direct productiveness…both our pages remained expectantly blank. “I’m more of a big picture guy,” I explained to my results-minded colleague, employing the official excuse of every shiftless slacker ever accused of dragging his feet on the details.
After a while Lady Zen’s lady Aqua made an appearance, taking full advantage of her lunch break over at Ropero de Jovany. She came to share some laughs, but stuck around for a delicious looking watermelon salad which came in a bowl half the size of Sayulita. A second beach vendor came calling, apparently spotting an opportunity to offer oysters dripping with rapidly melting ice. “Gracias, suerte.” came the unanimously cordial dismissal from the group.
By the time Aqua had finished her lunch and headed back inland, the project was the furthest thing from either of our minds…and that, inevitably, is when the creative juices began to flow. “People like us are agents of gratitude,” mused Zen, igniting the required flame as sunset began to hint at its arrival.
At last, a breakthrough.
“There’s so much to appreciate about life, and real creativity is finding ways to celebrate that, even when the positive isn’t immediately obvious,” she continued. Soon afterward, another member of beach staff made his way to the table, this one collecting donations for a local women’s shelter. “We’re actually on vacation, my wife is back at the hotel kinda bummed because I’m out here doing this, but I promised I would and it’s a great cause so here I am.”
I’m not exactly flush with pesos, but I hope to never be so poor that I can’t dig a few coins out of my cargos for a story like that.
The Verdict: Swell Beach Bar is a perfect place to enjoy an afternoon of industrious leisure: you come out and they bring the chill, it’s really an excellent system. One of the unique features of this career path is that I’m never sure whether I’m at work or not, but in either case Swell is an ideal place to sit a while and figure it all out. Maybe I’ll catch you there.
Info: Amapas 182, Zona Romántica

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