Sustainably Yours: Thank You Barbara Brittingham Powers: Terrenal’s Visionary Owner

For those of you looking for scrupulously sourced organic products the organic store, Terrenal, has moved to Calle Libertad & Punta Mita Hwy, in a new home for this incredible hub of organic goodness.

Sauerkraut, kombucha, oregano oil, bone broth powder, kefir, local butter, local greens and raw cacao treats are just a few of its roster of hard-to-find products that are great for people and planet. Few stores are as well stocked with helpful staff and passionate storeowners.

I’ve always been struck by Terrenal’s visionary owner, Barbara Brittingham Powers: her dedication to living an integrated life helping people and planet, down to the tiniest of lifestyle decisions, is a true inspiration.

Barbara founded the Monterrey based health clinic, Amayal, a clinic tackling the toughest of medical conditions through Functional Medicine principals. This school of thought focuses on the “root causes of disease based on interactions between the environment and the gastrointestinal, endocrine and immune systems to develop “individual treatment plans” (Wikipedia).

Barbara’s clinic has also assisted in the success of hundreds of natural births. I got to know Barbara when she and her husband asked me to help them create a backyard ‘garden of Eden’ – a landscape rich in super foods and tropical edible rarities. Their cottage is now nestled in an oasis brimming with turmeric, lemongrass, moringa, eucalyptus and figs, to name a few.

Since then they have supported the embryonic development of our new business, PHYTOSTONE, which focuses on advanced natural materials for home and garden. These materials encompass vegetable growing boxes composed of a manure-based ceramic material that slowly fertilizes its veggie contents. The home materials include cement-free interior plasters and sealants, finishes found in their new store location.

I would like to thank Barbara and Terrenal for supporting both our home and garden initiatives! Barbara singularly understands that healthy people are intertwined with healthy home environments, healthy food and a healthy planet. Damage to one means damage to all but the inverse healing also effects all areas for the better.

I enthusiastically encourage a visit to the new Terrenal, the local outlet for Amayal’s wellness oriented products. Their passion for making people’s lives and this world a better place is the stuff of a green-as-grassroots revival.

Emily Majewski
Emily Majewski is Co-Founder of PHYTOSTONE, a small firm based in Nayarit dedicated to creating advanced natural materials for home and garden.