Sustainably Yours: Bliss workshops are open to men too!

OK, this is an invitation, to men as well as ladies, (although I have to forewarn that it may be a very estrogen-charged room!).  Monthly from November through May, 2-part BLISS WORKSHOPS are being offered by yours truly (sustainably yours?) at Hacienda de Arte in Bucerias!!

BLISS, hmmm, you may be thinking. Sounds like a crystal-grippin’, granola crunchin’ yoga retreat on following your bliss, the kind that only serves kale lattes. Only good vibes and privilege allowed.

Well, I’m here to say that it’s none of that. Additionally, that wallowing in BLISS is a crucial pathway to making the world a more sustainable and holistic place. What’s the definition of BLISS in this sense? It’s the merger of your passions, gifts and purpose. Fusing these together, the ‘BLISSER’ is tangibly becoming the best version of him or herself. And a world population becoming the best version of itself is pretty much the best way to actually achieve such utopian ideals as world peace, etc, etc.

The 2 part workshop will emphasis both left brained (creative) and right brained (analytical) approaches to manifesting goals. Of course, many good folk are in flux with their goals in the first place, with poorly defined senses of personal mission. Others have detailed hopes and expectations. Our Course will appeal to both, and includes a workbook that empowers both types to define as well as refine their visions, no matter where they are at with them.

The first workshop focuses on Planning, excavating your deepest and reaching your highest yearnings, how to reverse engineer a future you are actively creating. The provided workbook allows you to continue digging deeper in between courses on your own time. The structure of the session is a lecture format that focuses on the participants as individuals.

The second monthly workshop emphasizes more of a playful approach, with sharing interactions between the participants and the artistic expression of their plans and hopes. We review the practice of vision boarding, not merely as the collaging of goals but rather as a habit which evolves and expands with one’s vision over a timescale. My sister in law and sister in spirit, Nicole Majewski, is co-hosting the Creative Session. Her colorful expertise leading vision board workshops is also available for private groups and team building events (

What especially makes this course meaningful is that BLISS is relevant to every single person on the planet, right up there with eating and breathing. It’s pretty much the main thing everyone wants for themselves and their children. While humans tend to dream up many goals (see Laos, learn to make a soufflé, become a mentor), all of these goals are secondary vehicles to the ultimate goal of being happy. While ‘how to be happy’ is one of the great philosophical questions with often materialistic connotations, we will be addressing a more transcendent version of happiness. BLISS, is the zone where you are operating as the best version of yourself no matter what life throws at you, rain or shine, rich or poor, from Puerto Vallarta to the gulag. It is the zone of saints and sages but accessible to everyone else too.   

As always, Hacienda del Arte creates a nurturing backdrop to the content of the course. In fact, this very special hub of creation – whether of art or the creation of you becoming the best version of yourself – deserves special mention in an upcoming article. In the meantime, check out Hacienda de Arte at ( or please email me at to get set up with registration. Each course is limited to 25 people, first come, first serve regarding sign-up. The 2018/19 calendar is below.

Between Hacienda de Arte as a local gem of artistic empowerment and this tropical paradise we call home, BLISS couldn’t be a more appropriate theme.

I very much look forward to exploring BLISS and meeting many of you this coming season!


6-8 PM Tuesday,4th

6-8 PM Tuesday, 11th


6-8 PM Tuesday 8th

6-8 PM Tuesday 15th


6-8 PM Tuesday 5th

6-8 PM Tuesday 12th

MARCH 2019

6-8 PM Tuesday 5th

6-8 PM Tuesday 12th

APRIL 2019

6-8 PM Tuesday 2nd

6-8 PM Tuesday 9th

MAY 2019

6-8 PM Tuesday 7th

6-8 PM Tuesday 14th

Emily Majewski
Emily Majewski is Co-Founder of PHYTOSTONE, a small firm based in Nayarit dedicated to creating advanced natural materials for home and garden.