Sustainably Yours: Blue Swimming Pools that are Green

Let’s talk about swimming pools. For some, the only sustainable pool is no pool, considering water scarcity issues. But for others, there are going to be pools so we might as well make them as righteous as possible.

First, consider salt water pools and UV purification. The chlorine industry is incredibly toxic and with dubious exposure risks to both workers and end users. Others write that these eco technologies may or may not pay for themselves, but in my opinion, if they prevent your exposure to pool related health risks and provide excellent pool exercise, they pay for themselves on many levels beyond cost. An excellent resource for salt water pool installation locally is Aquaviva, in Fluvial.

Secondly, plant wind barriers around the pool to help prevent evaporation. Ideally the trees, bamboo and shrubbery are not so close as to generate excessive organic debris, but close enough to reroute drying winds. Otherwise, consider using pool covers to prevent evaporation.

Thirdly, consider creating a pool cooperative amongst neighbors, to reduce the need for individual pools. This arrangement can include “pooling” expenses.

Fourth, position your pool where it can double as an emergency source of water for fires, if you are not confidant fire services could get to your home in time.

Fifth, check for leaks regularly! Each drop of water lost per second equates to 8,000 liters per year.

Enjoy the challenge of making a normally unsustainable home feature into something as green as it is delightful.

Emily Majewski
Emily Majewski is Co-Founder of PHYTOSTONE, a small firm based in Nayarit dedicated to creating advanced natural materials for home and garden.