Summer Music: Moruno Announces Farewell Performance

The coming together of two strains of music brought by the migration of the Romani people from northern India to Europe—one through Byzantium into Eastern Europe and on to France and the other through Africa into Spain—will be celebrated in a festive performance by the talented group Moruno, marking the end of their season at Babel Bar on July 6.

Moruno is a duo made up of Diego Mateo from Andalucía, and Ignacio “Nacho” Flores from Guadalajara. They now reside in Puerto Vallarta, and have been entertaining us since 2014. I first heard them playing at Cuates y Cuetes a while back, lured by sounds reminiscent of Django Reinhardt’s manouche, or gypsy jazz. Their music was an incredible amalgam of Spanish flamenco and gypsy jazz, along with Greek, Moroccan and Egyptian influences.

Diego and Nacho grew up heavily influenced by music-loving families. Their formal studies and creative projects have nurtured talents to be reckoned with. Diego carries an innate sense of flamenco guitar skills. In addition to Nacho’s formal study of music, he most certainly was influenced by his family that was very much into Mediterranean music and manouche jazz. A proficient multi-instrumentalist, he plays guitar, along with several stringed instruments you won’t commonly hear in Puerto Vallarta, such as oud, bouzouki and mandolin.

Joining them for this particular occasion will be Sol Maria, a talented local flamenco dancer, and Aisha, who specializes in middle eastern style belly dance.

The performance will take place on Saturday, July 6 at 6 pm at Babel Bar, a charming outdoor restaurant/bar located next to the river on the island of the River Cuale. A special Arab/Spanish menu will be featured. This is a no-cover event but reservations are recommended for dinner, so be sure to reserve early to assure prime seating.

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