Successful food drive Exceeds goal by 20%

After more than seven hours of intense work, the Food Bank of Puerto Vallarta in conjunction with the System for Integral Family Development (DIF) collected 36 tons of non- perishable items. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, this latest drive will benefit 850 families served by the food bank, as well as people who were affected by recent torrential rains.
At the end, a long day of work was met with joyous satisfaction and elation as it became clear that goal of 30 tons plus one kilo was exceeded. Oliver Vidal Pascual , Food Bank Director , thanked the Vallarta community, volunteers and the Municipal DIF System for joining the campaign “For a Mexico without Hunger “ .
The day began at 8:30 am on October 19 in the courtyard of the sports facility Agustín Flores Contreras. In attendance were Magaly Fregoso Ortiz , President of the Food Bank Oscar Perez ,Director Arturo Davalos of Social Development and the Council for Social Welfare committee, Doris Ponce, who gave the starting signal. The event was attended by 600 volunteers, including youth national service members of the 41st Naval Zone , as well as various educational institutions of the DIF which organized grass-roots drives by going door to door and asking for non-perishables in more than 20 colonies of the municipality.
From this effort’s inception, Puerto Vallarta residents showed a keen interest in helping. José Raygoza Mendoza , a resident of Colonia Emiliano Zapata , said that every year he supports the excellent work of the Food Bank with donations.
In the afternoon, the great success of the food bank drive was celebrated at Los Arcos in the Malecon. Residents, volunteers and supporters took in beautiful performances by contemporary dancer, Adriana Quinto and the folkloric dance of Xiutla.

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  1. I cannot remember in San Francisco when the doorbell rang from persons representing a food drive, asking for non-perishables – however last week there were two graduate political science students, both young men asking for funds to feed children in Africa.

    The U.S. Government provides free food stamps to close to 50 percent of the population and donates food to other countries; San Francisco has free food banks and kitchens, and the homeless beg on the sidewalks for money to purchase a meal. However if you purchase a meal for them, they will refuse it, for they want the money for drugs and liquor.

    Better to teach how to fish, than to give a fish. But that seems to great a task for many persons, such as graduating from High School .

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