Street art, a walk through Puerto Vallarta’s most instagrammable murals

The charm and beauty of Puerto Vallarta captivates the heart of those who visit, and proof of this is that the bay has become a favorite inspiration site for many great artists, both national and international.

If you’ve had the opportunity of strolling through the city center, you surely have noticed the amazing interventions in its streets that have become part of the urban landscape and, most of all, a new favorite tourist attraction.

The streets of Puerto Vallarta are filled with life and color thanks to talented artists such as Misael Lopez, a Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas native, who arrived to the destination in 2010, and since then, has been leaving his mark in the world of street art by embellishing the town’s streets even more.

Inspired by the Chicano Art Movement, from East Los Angeles all the way to New York City, Misael arrived to Mexico and started combining Huichol art with Aztec culture, thus defining his unique mural style.

Puerto Vallarta is a destination impregnated with art in all its forms. Come enjoy the urban street art that fills with vibrant colors and life every corner of this magical town. Are you ready for your next visit?