SPCA of Puerto Vallarta

October is Adopt a Shelter Month. Help us continue our efforts. Get involved…rescue, adopt, foster, volunteer, donate or educate. You can learn more about the SPCA Puerto Vallarta by checking us out at www.spcapv.com/home or on Facebook.
How to become a volunteer? Volunteers are needed all over! We have pawesome volunteers in Canada, the United States and of course here in Puerto Vallarta.
Volunteers do many tasks from visiting our shelter and walking, cuddling or taking care for our animals, driving people to and from the sanctuary, social media and web site work, posting online “For Adoption” ads, airport transportation, crate management in BC and Alberta, home checks, animal delivery to new homes, foster home management, newsletters, adoption stands, Farmers Market booth, networking and fundraising.
All types of talent are needed but most important is DEDICATION. This week we are honoring Fritz Hornung of Vancouver.
Fritz comes to our sanctuary a couple times a week when he is spending part of his time during the winters in Puerto Vallarta. He also assists us with crate management and transportation in Vancouver!
You too can come and spend a rewarding afternoon cuddling the animals at Puerto Vallarta’s SPCA Sanctuary. Our dogs and cats are awaiting “forever homes” and your help is needed to jump start their socialization.
The goal is to get these animals adjusted and ready to interact in the real world. The majority of the SPCA animals either come from extremely abusive situations or they have been abandoned. Your love and attention can make up for that sad history. During your visit, you can interact with the animals and even take a dog (or two or three) for a walk. You can also play with the animals, assist the vet or help with dinner time.
We have scheduled tours each week starting at noon. We ask everyone to meet in the Costco parking lot beside the large tree. You can either caravan in your own vehicle or ride with us out to the Sanctuary (reservations necessary).
The length of the tour is at the discretion of our visitors and can be from two to four hours in length.
Please contact Nicole Martin at nicole@cupocity.com to make a reservation. To see all the animals available for adoption, visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/spcapv. Go to Photos where you will also find individual Albums for all the animals available as well as a bit of their history.
We have always have a need for used towels and bedding. Please contact us a spcapv@gmail.com if you can help.
Are you or someone you know traveling from Puerto Vallarta to Canada and want to help us get more animals to fur-ever homes? Please contact us if you can be a travel companion spcapv@gmail.com.

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