SPCA of Puerto Vallarta

We receive messages every day asking how to report animal abuse or what can be done if you see that wildlife needs help and similar questions.
The city of Puerto Vallarta has done a lot in the past years trying to be better prepared for these cases and to be able to help, starting with the “Patrulla Verde” the green Patrol car that can be seen in Vallarta. This unit is dedicated to answering reports about pets and wildlife in need of help. Of course it is still only one car and not nearly enough for all the calls they are getting, but they do help as much as they can, and we are grateful for it. Please check this official poster from the city to see where you can report which type of animal in need of help. We have only found it in Spanish, but it´s easy to read. The urgent cases like run over animals, poisonings, pets attacked by other pets/animals and endangered species, you can report 24/7 to the Police´s emergency 991 number and ask for the Patrulla Verde. For all other cases there are different departments in charge that can be reached during business hours. So if you see a turtle laying eggs at night, I guess you can only hope that they will be safe until you can call the Ecologia department at 8am the next day. But like we said before: we all do what we can, and we are much better off here in Puerto Vallarta than in most other Mexican cities where the officials are not doing anything for the animals at all. Did you know they also banned Circuses with animals from performing in Puerto Vallarta a few years ago already? So here is a “Muchas gracias!” to the city of Puerto Vallarta! May they ad more green patrol cars and hopefully ban Dolphins in captivity some day!

You can learn more about the SPCA Puerto Vallarta by checking us out at www.spcapv.com/home or on Facebook.