Janice Gonzalez
“The Farmers’ market was as busy as it’s ever been this week! The new delivery of Tee shirts is selling well, as are the new mugs, cozies and bumper stickers.
Harris Sarney donated a big bag of dog food – Thank you Harris!
P. V. resident, Marion Franc, donated $700 pesos PLUS $500 pesos especially for the care of Prince, whose sad story was in last week’s newsletter. Thank you Marion. It’s a huge help. Thanks also to Dennis Briggs for a generous $60USD donation.
The calendar pages are now sold out for 2016 calendar. Mark will have that underway soon.
We had lots of offers to help transport adopted & fostered dogs travelling to the US and Canada.
Nicole Martin’s hot line must be in constant use! Many people want to visit the sanctuary. Thank you, Nicole for continuing to organize the “Sanctuary run”.
We had a full house of Market volunteers again this week. Big thanks to Michelle, Doreen and Mark. And, thanks for this great report from our terrific volunteer, Lynnette Fairclough.
Get involved…rescue, adopt, foster, volunteer, donate or educate. Contact us at spcapv@gmail.com. You can learn more about the SPCA Puerto Vallarta by checking us out at www.spcapv.com/home or on Facebook.

Transporting Dogs
to Canada and USA
We have an ongoing need for help transporting dogs to the States and Canada. The SPCA will take care of all the details and cost of transporting the animals. All you have to do is show up at the airport in Vallarta and one of our volunteers will meet you with the animal and get it checked in for the flight. Another SPCA volunteer will meet the plane at your destination and pick up the dog. Stop by our table at the Old Town Farmers Market and we will answer any questions you might have.

Tour the Sanctuary
You can come and spend a rewarding afternoon cuddling the animals at Puerto Vallarta’s SPCA Sanctuary. Our dogs and cats are awaiting “forever homes” and your help is needed to jump start their socialization. The goal is to get these animals adjusted and ready to interact in the real world. The majority of the SPCA animals either come from extremely abusive situations or they have been abandoned. Your love and attention can make up for that sad history.
During your visit, you can interact with the animals and even take a dog (or two or three) for a walk. You can also play with the animals, assist the vet or help with dinner time.
We have tours from Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta so don’t hesitate to contact Nicole Martin at nicole@cupocity.com to make a reservation.
To see all the animals available for adoption, visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/spcapv.
Go to Photos where you will also find individual Albums for all the animals available as well as a bit of their history.