Spanish Bloopers

This new biweekly column is for all of us who are still struggling with the Spanish language…and for those who just want to enjoy a good laugh! Although I have lived here seven years, I still make many mistakes with words that sound the same but are entirely different or with the same word that has double or triple meanings, some resulting in various degrees of embarrassment.
Shopping here can be quite an adventure, especially if you are not familiar with some of the local offerings. Although peas and pigskin are not often found in the same place, it does help to know the difference! Especially if you are not a fan of those bags of crispy fried golden chunks found in most neighborhood tiendas and butcher shops. Asking for one when you mean the other will get you some smiles and perhaps a raised eyebrow or two. For me, I will take fresh peas anytime. Send me your bloopers and a little story to go with them. I will even credit you if you wish. Let’s share the fun, have some laughs, and perhaps learn a bit more…

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  1. Our friend had a flood in his condo when the tube on the toilet broke. We called the Mexican property manager and asked him if he had Wet Vac. He said I’ll be right over. He appeared and asked why we needed a wet back????

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