Signs that reveal that your cat is the king of your home and of your heart.

Susana Milla


It’s hard to resist the charms of these incredible, lovable and captivating creatures.


Redecoration: it is very likely that more than one piece of furniture in your house has a new touch with a scratch. After that moment, it is very likely that scratching posts are already part of the basic furniture of your home.


Interpretation: you have become an expert in deciphering what the different positions of his tail mean, in understanding his purrs, identifying when he is afraid, if he is calm, or if he is hungry.


Pampering and pampering: you know better than anyone how to delight their demanding palate, you have learned to pamper them with different flavors and textures, such as steaks and their different gourmet recipes: Marinated Tuna or Salmon, Baked Chicken and Turkey.


Fun: you have scratching posts and toys distributed throughout your house just to make him happy, plus at every opportunity you buy him a new one.


Memories: you have some scratches on your arms or a couple of nibbles since it is their way of playing, but you have already learned to use toys to avoid getting hurt.


Photos and videos: whenever you have the opportunity, you do a whole session for your cat, you know that it is useless to resist having millions of photos on your cell phone.


You realized? Your cat has already become the king of your home, now you only have to give it the lifestyle it deserves, fill it with games, naps, good nutrition and lots of caresses.