Sentras: more than one born every minute

Nissan celebrates 200,000th vehicle at 16-month-old Aguascalientes plant
Nissan Sentras are born faster than suckers at the Japanese auto maker’s assembly plants in Aguascalientes.
Nissan Motor Co. celebrated this week the production of the 200,000th vehicle at its A2 manufacturing plant, which went into production just 16 months ago.
The vehicle in question was a cherry-red Sentra SR, a model that comes off the production line at both Aguascalientes plants every 55 seconds.
Building vehicle No. 200,000 has required 239 million auto parts, 72,000 tonnes of steel sheets, 1.2 million liters of paint and more than 6.6 million working hours.
Most of the plants’ production has gone to the United States — a total of 181,600 units. Brazil took 17,400 and Puerto Rico 1,000. Those vehicles were built with 98 different specifications and in 13 colors.
Nissan saw strong sales in the U.S. last month, recording an increase of 24% over the previous year. The Sentra that rolled off the line this week was destined for a showroom in Chicago, but many go to Brazil, where it saw a 111% increase in sales in 2014.
Mexico News Daily