Self-care in Sayulita

Did you remember to take care of yourself?
It’s sometimes easy to forget as we’re looking after loved ones or we’re working too hard towards our goals. But it’s important. Taking care of our mind, body, spirit is not only good for prevention of illness, it also keeps us connected to ourselves and the world around us so that we can continue to do what we love and reach for our goals.
I encourage you to take a few moments to think about what taking care of you today would look like. Would it be getting in touch with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while? Would it be going to a new place you haven’t been to even if it’s just across town? How about focusing on some writing in your journal or adding some nourishing foods into your diet this week? Perhaps spending time with your pet or visiting a museum might do the trick. Or strike up a conversation with a stranger. Many times these spontaneous conversations produce a smile or two and maybe even an opportunity to help, listen or simply connect with someone else.
This weekend I needed to break my routine a bit to do something a bit different. I didn’t go too far, nor did I do anything too dramatic or extreme, just a short trip to Sayulita about an hour and a half by bus from where I live in Vallarta is all it took. And that was exactly what I needed : A healthy dose of sun, color, art, strolling around the shops, flea markets – a few little splurges, cafes and good conversation with a friend is what filled my gas tank up. When I returned home, I felt more nourished from the inside out and had more vigor to start my Monday.
So ask yourself, what do I need to do today to take care of me? You may just know the answers inside to keep yourself well, happy and harmonized if you just stop to listen to the answer.
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