Second edition of the Jalisco Cup

Everything is ready so that on January 23, the Jalisco 2021 Cup begins, the best amateur soccer tournament that in its last edition, had an outstanding participation by the men’s and women’s teams of Puerto Vallarta, as Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña highlighted during the press conference in which the details of the tournament were announced.
The first mayor celebrated the fact that the foundations of this event are beginning to be laid, “I had to experience the first Jalisco Cup very closely and it was a success at the state level, promoting young people, promoting women, which by the way Puerto Vallarta reached the final in women and they had the trip to Madrid as well ”, while the men’s team reached the quarterfinals, demonstrating in both cases the great sports talent that exists in this city and that they managed to put very high to all the people of Vallarta before the selective of the other municipalities.
He also stressed that this tournament serves “as a professional hotbed; There are several girls and boys who have already gone to play professionally, so it is a hotbed where observers come to watch each of the players, to be able to invite them to join a team of professional soccer”.
For this reason, she thanked the state governor, Enrique Alfaro, for promoting this wise initiative that has already demonstrated its great success and that this time will not be the exception, in addition to integrating on this occasion, all the health protocols for its development. .
Gustavo Fong Patiño, general director of Municipal Sports of the CODE Jalisco, indicated that the first edition of the Jalisco Cup, exceeded expectations thanks to the support of the mayors, as this event does not include only a soccer tournament, but a public policy program , and although in 2020 it had to be suspended due to the health contingency, it allowed for better preparation, training team coaches and generating other events.
He recalled that in the last edition a record was broken by filling the Jalisco stadium with an amateur match, in which the Vallarta women’s team were runners-up, who had the opportunity to travel to Madrid, Spain.
On this occasion, the possibility that the next destination for the winners could be Barcelona or Brazil is analyzed, and other prizes that will depend on what the current health emergency allows.
The director of the Jalisco Cup, Juan Carlos Enríquez, stressed that this tournament provides the opportunity for the boys to get ahead through football and on this occasion at the request of the professional clubs it was requested that the men’s teams have a record of 5 players born in 2000 and younger, so that like some Vallarta girls, they can have the opportunity to join Liga MX teams.
This Cup also generated a feeling of identity, since the families were going to support their municipality in each game.
He specified that for the 2021 edition, the necessary sanitary measures are in place and approved by the Board of Health, so the records are already being carried out digitally, and there are first-level protocols in case of a controlled opening to stadiums and in the event of their closure, the organizing committee already has an agreement with a streaming platform so that people can closely follow their teams.

The press conference was attended by the mayors of:
Cabo Corrientes,
Prisciliano Ramírez Gordián
San Sebastián del Oeste,
Luis Alberto Arredondo López
Talpa de Allende,
Martín Eduardo Guzmán Peña
Domingo Veliz Peña
Gustavo Padilla Carrillo,
General Director of Referees and Commissioners of the Jalisco Cup
Antonio Rodríguez Lozano,
president of the State Association of Soccer Fans of the State of Jalisco
Former professional footballers
Daniel Guzmán Castañeda,
Octavio Mora Llamas,
Mauricio González Alcerreca
Vicente Matías Vuoso
In addition to the Vallartense runners-up of the 2019 Jalisco Cup.