Seasons P.V.

After a blissfully quiet week in Ajijic at Lake Chapala upon my return, I headed to Seasons PV for a comfort food fix. Alas, they were closed but are back open this week with their usual hours – 9 am to 9 pm.

Contrary to public opinion I do not subsist on pate and smoked salmon, I love their meatloaf – it’s just plain darn good. For a long time, I didn’t venture into the place as it’s in a rather nondescript, un-Mexicany looking little mall but once you try it I guarantee you’ll go back.

Their ad boasts Canadian and American food with a Mexican touch and apparently the restaurant is inspired by Seasons under the Roof in Ontario. The only real Canadian offering seems to be poutine, that specialité Québécoise whose charm escapes me. Why ruin perfectly good fries with gooey gravy? But it could well be a best seller at Seasons P.V., so I’d better shut up.

Now, back to the meatloaf, that is where I want my gravy with lashings of garlicky potatoes, and time after time (it’s their Monday special) it has been consistently delicious. Consistency is the name of the game here, and we have a thoroughly dependable little ex-pat gem on our hands. Other regular specials are the chicken parmesan, a fave of mine; the cheese-covered chicken has a great crust and is accompanied by a huge order of spaghetti. The hot roast beef sandwich must be mentioned too, in fact, I really like the meat at Seasons, and now they have a new steak offering. Lots of people like the chicken or shrimp pad Thai, an everyday special. I find it too gooey and cloying, but then Asian food is one of the world’s great cuisines to which I am not addicted.

Of course, we who have adopted Mexico as our new home imagined ourselves sitting here eating mangoes and avocados washed down with margaritas daily, but the truth of the matter is we are creatures of habit and crave burgers and fries! So Seasons PV is filling a particular niche in Vallarta, although of course burgers are rearing their ugly heads globally (Paris is swamped with them, even though they are often horsemeat!).

One of Seasons’ main attractions is that breakfast is served all day. The prices are terrific, ditto the skillet potatoes that turn up in most breakfast dishes. I love an omelet for lunch and those who have over-imbibed and want pancakes at 2 pm need look no further, try the stuffed pancakes with banana for less than 100 pesos! I have not been pleased with the Eggs Benny, they use peameal bacon, a great favorite in Toronto referred to there as Canadian bacon, which frankly I do not like, it is too flabby.

The place is rather bare-bones, they could use more tables inside and maybe a potted plant or two, the room is mostly taken up by the bar and the kitchen, but they have lots of outside seating which will be lovely in the months to come. Happy Hour has been 2 to 7; I don’t know if that will change when they reopen this week; their margaritas are wonderful! Staff is friendly and efficient, Pierre and Juan usually wait on us and are just as nice as they can be, drop by and see them!