Savvy & Well: Gabrielle Tenney opens new storefront

When she was a child, her mother would hand her a basket and send her out into their garden to pick salad makings for dinner. Gabrielle Tenney has continued looking for food that fresh ever since. On October 12, 2018, Gabrielle stood proudly with her mother, Sara Ibarra Palomares, and Vallarta’s Mayor, Arturo Davalos Peña, to cut the ribbon to open “Savvy & Well” officially. Her dream finally realized and, on her thirty-first birthday.

While Gabrielle’s company has been up and running this past year out of her home office in Puerto Vallarta, she has a new place to prepare and sell her products in Nuevo Vallarta. There is still work to be done on the building itself, but production and sales continue at the old location until the building is finished.

I first met Gabrielle at Incanto at Paco Ojeda’s PechaKucha presentation in late November 2017. Her passion for food – wholesome, fresh, and readily available in Mexico – was surpassed only by her need to share what she had learned. And not by just talking, but by doing. Last year it was teaching little kids how to prepare nutritious meals at Los Mangos Library. This year it is teaching the young and old at the Punta de Mita Foundation.

As diabetes increases its hold all over the earth, Gabrielle’s resolve has grown equally: proper food can reverse the status quo. A year ago, during her segment of PechaKucha, she talked about making a positive impact on humanity and her plan to take her ideas and make them global. Her line of organic seasonings launches next week in the United States on and directly from her website.

Tenney started Savvy & Well as a meal program in Richmond, Virginia, during an accelerator program at VCU. Today it has morphed into a seasoning line produced in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where she has lived much of her life. The spices are available in boutique stores throughout the bay, including Lujo Lifestyles in Bucerias as well as online through her website, Amazon USA and Amazon Mexico.

Toasted and ground S & W’s high-quality ingredients impart a punch of spice in a pinch. All the authentic flavors are prepared without additives or preservatives. They are gluten-free, salt-free and do not contain animal derivatives. The goal is: make eating healthy delicious food a breeze so that families can spend more time together.

Savvy & Well is a social venture where a percentage of profits are used to help fund culinary education in communities that need it most. Diabetes and other diet-related diseases can be reversed by dietary changes alone. In Richmond, Virginia, Gabrielle worked with the Church Hill community, Shalom Farms and Edible Education. Now in Puerto Vallarta, she works with the Los Mangos Library and Punta de Mita Foundation to provide cooking classes to kids and adults who want to learn how to create healthy, tasty food. Savvy & Well’s clients feel great knowing that their purchases help educate and improve the lives of people throughout North America.

The mission of Savvy & Well is to empower people to take control of their health through education and quality food. They look forward to working with individuals and companies that share their values.

Gabrielle’s line of seasonings is just the beginning. Her mother, Sara, has acquired some land between El Tuito and the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. Together, their hopes are to plant that fertile ground with organic herbs and spices for the seasoning line. Keep your eyes on Gabrielle Tenney. She is young, vibrant, confident, caring, smart and has an excellent head for business that is geared to only making our earth a better place. And, she’s a helluva good singer as well.

Marcia Blondin