Sailfish, Blue Marlin, and Black Marlin offshore. Roosterfish on the beach. Anglers wanted

he marlin fishing is going off with sailfish, blue marlin and black marlin offshore and Roosterfish inshore. What’s missing are anglers to catch them.
While we joke about how great it is to live in an undiscovered paradise, it gets frustrating to know you are sitting on land when the Marlin fishing is as good or better than anywhere in the world.
So you may be asking, “why aren’t more anglers flocking this way?” In a word – reputation.
We have done a really poor job of getting the word out to the big game sportfishing community. Which doesn’t seem to make much sense since (1) our tourist season runs opposite our big game fishing season, and (2) studies show that the destination marlin angler spends up to ten times the daily amount of a non-fishing tourist.
At some point, this will change. In the meantime, take advantage of having a world-class fishery all to yourself.

Best Bet – Hardcore Angler
Not many avid sport fishing anglers will pass up the chance to catch and release blue marlin. And right now, they are on the bite at Corbatena and El Banco.
While they are averaging 300-400 pounds, there are bigger ones around and it would pay to be fishing on a top boat with good 80-130 pound tackle if you want to increase your chances of success.
Marlin fishing is not for everyone as it requires a great deal of patience. On average you are only going to raise 1-2 fish per day. On a good boat, with top gear and an experienced crew and an experienced angler, you are doing great if you catch 60% of the fish you raise.
But, there truly is nothing else that compares to the adrenaline rush that comes with having a blue marlin hooked up. They are fast, jump all over the place and will keep the best fishing team on their toes. Whether you are hooked up on your 1st or 100th marlin of your lifetime, you will never forget the battle.I always tell people that if you want to experience the pinnacle of fishing, book a multi-day Blue Marlin trip. With great deals available this time of year, you can enjoy a 4-night stay in a top-notch boutique hotel and 3 full days of marlin fishing for around $1000 per person. At most other world hotspots, you would easily be paying 50-75% more.

Best Bet – Weekend Warriors And Novice Anglers
We love taking people around the corner of Cabo Corrientes and doing a mixed day of inshore and offshore fishing this time of year.
First, these remote beaches are a true treasure that most visitors and even long-time residents never see. Here, miles and miles of gorgeous and deserted, white sandy beaches are home to one of the most sought after fish on the planet – The Roosterfish!
There are also some big Toro off these beaches. Pound for pound, both Roosterfish and Toro are amongst the toughest fish you will ever encounter. Put in a few hours effort here and chances are everyone on board will get a shot at a good fish.
After which you can head a short distance offshore and try to add in some trophy pelagic fish like Sailfish, Marlin, Tuna, and Dorado. There aren’t many places where you can catch an offshore grand slam AND a Roosterfish on the same day – but this is one of them!

Conservation Corner
Marlin, Sailfish, and Roosterfish are such a prized catch that anglers are often talked into killing them by charter crews to get mounted. The crew gets a small commission from the taxidermy company and keeps or sells the fish.
Most experienced anglers now know that to get a mount of your trophy no longer requires that your prized fish is harvested. Simply measure the length and width of your fish, take some photos, and send your fish back to make someone else’s day.
Studies repeatedly show that the economic value of a sustainable recreational billfish fishery far outweighs the price realized for a dead fish to the local community. However, there is a great chance your crew is unaware of these studies.

Topless Tip
Your free time is valuable and limited. Keep the number of anglers onboard to 4 or fewer and you will have a much better experience. Having more anglers on a boat might reduce your cost per person but it significantly diminishes your chances of catching a good fish.