Safety on the North End

By: Joe Riddle

Since the 2011-2012 season there have been several pushes by Pro Sayulita and Fire Fighters Without borders, to make the beaches in Sayulita safer. Several attempts were made to put signage up on the beach warning people against strong rip currents and lack of supervision, but the weather over the off season took a heavy toll on the few signs that were posted.
However despite many setbacks, people such as Janice Parker with Pro Sayulita and Brian Singleton with Firefighters Without Borders, have made much progress.
Bilingual signs and warning flags have been erected on the dangerous north side and a lifeguard tower now stands in front of an especially dangerous area where MarkStoneburg tragically drowned last winter from rough seas and a rip tide. This terrible situation is one of the primary motivations for these important safeguards to be put in place.
Precautions taken include more lifeguards and patrols, the newly purchased rescue boards, and a sort of neighborhood watch over the beach.
It is estimated that about 150 rescues have been made this season with the hodgepodge of safety nets, and perhaps many more were saved from putting themselves into danger because of the warning signs.
And although this season draws to an end the effort to make our shores safer, will still continue. Countless more will be saved thanks to the tireless efforts of the many residents who donate their time and energy into making sure signs are posted and warnings are given.
There are many plans in the works for next season so in the mean time be safe Sayulita!