Sad sight at Pitillal clinic

By Gretchen DeWitt

After dropping off their pets and lunches, Anais del Valle and her husband returned about 10 minutes later with a dog they had just found on the street rooting through trash for something to eat. After seeing her, the vets immediately said they couldn´t spay her because of her emaciated condition. I gave her some kibble, but she only ate half a cup. This trusting and gentle dog – part Pit Bull – has a beautiful face and someone may have loved her once upon a time.
I twisted a tick off of her neck and she immediately started to bleed. I couldn´t think of a solution for her, as all the refuges and rescue organizations are full, there no foster homes available, and I leave Mexico October 5 for a month. I thought she would stay by the gate while I registered a pet, but when I looked back, she was gone. When I arrived home, I felt overcome with sadness. Am not sure why.
I have seen and continue to see so many dogs that look like this one. Maybe it was because it was the way she looked at me as I petted and talked to her. So I drove back to Pitillal to try to find this sweet and starving dog who was destined to die if not rescued. I couldn´t find her.
When I returned home a second time, I sent out an SOS to about a dozen animal rescue sites on FB. I received a response twenty minutes later from Magdalena Sanchez Jimenez, who had noticed this dog in back of the church in Pitillal.
After boarding the bus, Magdalena got off the bus she had been on one block later and returned for the dog. She called Angelica of AngeliCAT for a ride home and then saw the photo I had posted on a dozen animal rescue sites. The dog was taken to Dr. Peña´s the next morning, where she tested negative for parvo and distemper, but diagnosed with non-contagious mange and low blood platelet count.
She has been dewormed (Dr. Peña said she had an enormous quantity of them as a result of eating garbage), received an injection and special bath for mange and vaccinated for parvo and distemper. I picked her up Friday afternoon and delivered her to Magdalena with a new collar and leash and two bags of Kirkland puppy food.
Magdalena, who has a home full of family and cats had originally committed to take care of Nena for two weeks.
She emailed me Saturday afternoon to say her family had fallen in love with Nena and she preferred to care for her until I return in a month.
Needed: Rides from Magdalena´s to Dr. Peña´s for weekly injection and special bath for mange. Please contact Magdalena if you can help with a ride – Nena Love via FB or email:
Donations: If you would like to help with vet expenses, please take donations to: Dr. Manuel Peña´s at Mascotas – 109 Melchor Ocampo – one block south of Plaza Caracól off of Avenida México. 224-0319
Spaying will be free at a PEACEAnimals clinic, which will take place when Nena´s blood platelet count is up.
The biggest issue is not vet bills, it is a permanent home in a month. Nena is a very sweet and grateful dog. She is perfect with cats and dogs and people. She is loving and is lovable.


  1. Interesting story of events.
    I live in Nuevo – and would like to help out although my Spanish (Espanol) is very very minimal but I have a car to get Nena- to her necessary appointments.
    I will email Madalina right now to see if we can communicate together.
    Hope I can be of some help.
    Best wishes,

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