River Café

Isla Río Cuale L-4 OT/SS.
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One of the most beautiful settings in Puerto Vallarta opened in 1997, a gastronomy landmark owned by Margarito Larios and Eva Sánchez Dueñas, and features open-air terraced seating overlooking Río Cuale, adorned with artwork by renowned local artists as Marta Gilbert. This spot is renowned for several yearly festivals especially the Mango and Garlic Festival which is unbelievable. Place is perched over the river with huge trees shading the property and look, there is a large family of iguanas living up in the branches, sunning then sleeping in limb crooks. Stroll inside past a shimmering pool and expansive bar area. All dining areas are roofed but airy, including the gazebo which is at the end of a walkway, jutting out right to the water’s edge. Reservations may be made for the several tables inside it.

Baskets of freshly baked rolls arrived, with many opting for the delightful flaky ones stuffed with cream cheese and served warm.
The dining entourage selected from Appetizers and Salads:
Genoese Minestrone Soup, an Italian-based soup, composed of organic basil pesto, chopped vegetables and ricotta cheese ravioli. Very well-flavored, it represented the genre extremely well.
Roasted Apple Salad resulted in gently cooked apple slices tender to the fork resting on organic baby greens, fried Camembert cheese and dressed with a raspberry vinaigrette.
Yellow Fin Tuna Ceviche was at the top of its class. The cubes of very fresh tuna with mango, red onion, cucumber, habañero chile and cilantro were marinated in leche de tigre, a Peruvian creation based on the remainder of the juicy sauce combined with key lime, onion, garlic, cilantro, fish stock, spices and soy sauce. The mixture was tangy and slightly sweet.

Now the Main Course event.
Grilled Sonora Beef Tenderloin Medallions was served over basil-potato purée with tomato chips, Brussels sprouts and red wine reduction. Meat was tender and all flavors combined well.
Mahi Mahi with habañero-caramel-glaze arrived with roasted tomatoes, macadamia nuts and tiny mustard greens on top. The fish fillet was very fresh and flaky enlightened by the spicy Mexican-style glaze.
Crab-Ricotta Cannelloni with melted Oaxaca cheese was covered by a creamy light tomato crab-Pernod sauce. Delectable and tasty, it was a fine presentation.

Choosing from the offered Desserts was difficult since all were tempting.
Molten Chocolate Cake was served warm with fruit slices around it, then topped with vanilla ice cream and berry sauce.
Mexican Coffee-Cardamom Cake resembled a tiramisú, an Italian coffee-flavored ladyfinger dessert. Soft and creamy, the utensil slid through the cake layers of cake and whipped cream.
Lemon Trilogy: profiterole filled with lemon Chiboust cream (crème pâtissière), lemon tart and lemon-lime sorbet. Three widely different concoctions were all flavored with lemon. Lightly tangy yet rich and creamy.

Guests from all around the globe visit this wonderful oasis. Removed from being directly in a city, the soothing tropical setting relaxes oneself for a vast exploration of flavors with all courses marked by excellent attentive service. This beautiful destination should be on everyone’s list.


  1. I have been in PV for 14 years. The River Cafe will take advantage and over charge whenever possible.

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