Ringing in the 2019 with Exciting Music

We rang in the new year with pizzazz and are experiencing an exciting beginning to 2019! The streets are getting busier and busier as people arrive from cold climates to bask in the sun and the other pleasures offered here in Puerto Vallarta. The local music scene is no exception.

Since this time last year the talented young men of Media Luna have created a stir, setting the town on fire with their energetic sounds. Back for the season from San Miguel de Allende they are driving crowds wild on Thursday nights at Incanto Cabaret Theatre, (Insurgentes 109,) at 7:00 PM. There they treat us to their own compositions, beautiful renditions of traditional Mexican and huapango music as well as some pretty exciting rock. Last week Jair surprised us with his arrangement of Carlos Santana’s Europa on electric guitar, while Caleb treated us to his beautiful rendition of Peruvian classic “La Flor de la Canela”. They are in great form and have added the Renteria cousins on percussion and guitar/voice plus special invited guests for their wonderful performances. Stop by Incanto from 4:00 on for tickets.

One can also enjoy Media Luna from 6-8 PM at Cuates y Cuetes next to the pier in Zona Romantica on Tuesdays and Saturdays and on Sunday afternoons at the refreshing outdoor Babel Bar located at the far end of the River Cuale Island from 1-3.

The very popular and fiery flamenco group Tatewari has a series of concerts scheduled in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle January 28, February 11 and March 11 at Tree House Bar where they will enchant us with the original and traditional pieces we already love and the breathtaking original compositions from their brand new CD. Esaú Galván master flamenco guitarist of the group plays solo at Babel Bar Tuesdays from 1-3 (often accompanied by his friend and mentor the renowned flamenco guitarist Wolfgang “Lobo” Fink).

Recently, I took in the new show of Fernando Gonzales’ new incarnation of his band Piel Canela at The Palm Cabaret Theatre. After a summer actively touring in Canada, Fernando has put together a stellar group of musicians including Gary Flores on percussion, Alberto Ramírez (Mimi) and Sam Rentería on guitar, Pepe Galván on bass, all extremely talented musicians. Fernando is turning out a super entertaining show with vocals and instrumentals, exhibiting his expertise with many genres including gypsy rumba, Mexican traditional and pop music. They are performing weekly Sundays at 7:00 PM at The Palm on Olas Altas 508.   (Thepalmcabaret.com for tickets)

Famed Flamenco guitarist Lobo is back and performing in concerts with Geo Uhrich of Duende at the Palm as Arte Puro January 18 and February 1, with Latcho Bartelsen of Blond Gypsies as Primal Groove January 20 and February 10 at Incanto, and Lobo with Esaú Galván just played a spectacular “SOLD OUT” show at Incanto with encores and standing ovations last Sunday. They can be seen as Lobo and Jaguar at Tree House Bar, Coral 66 in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle on January 21 and February 2. (322 182 4026 for La Cruz reservations).

Moruno’s Mediterranean music by Diego Mateo and Nacho Flores is spiced up with Oscar Terrazas’ jazzy saxophone and flute on Sundays and Tuesdays at Cuates y Cuetes from 8-10 and again at Babel Bar on Thursdays from 1-3. Oscar and Diego of Moruno perform at Babel Wednesday’s as Proyecto de Willy, a jazzier duo.

Los Bambinos, symbol of hospitality to so many winter visitors to Puerto Vallarta, have ramped up to their full season including six nights of incredible entertainment each week starting at 8:00 (come early for dinner, doors open at 6:00). From the Beatles, Frankie Valli, Elvis Presley and Latín Fiesta night, they keep audiences smiling, dining and dancing Monday through Saturday at their great restaurant and venue Bambinos Trattoria at Aguacate and Carranza. (Reservations recommended (322) 688 2046.)

Last, but not least is a new jazz ensemble consisting of talented Raphael Zermeño of Mexico City’s jazz manouche group Faralae playing electric guitar, super saxophonist Oscar Terrazas from Vallarta and Roberto Falcón from Ciudad Juárez playing an inspired bass. The group is calling themselves the Diablito Trío. They are being woven into the Cuates y Cuetes schedule really rounding out the musical offering there. Look for them Monday’s from 8-10 and Wednesday’s from 6-8 just before Tatewari.

So don’t hold back! Our Winter 2019 evenings are beautiful and the music outstanding!