Restrictions for Semana Santa to be enforced in Puerto Vallarta

Juan José Velázquez Hernández, Director of Inspección and Reglamentos, the office in charge of enforcing laws and regulations with regards to commerce, advised that restrictions ruled by the Jalisco State Government will be applied in Puerto Vallarta during the Semana Santa vacation period.


These restrictions will not apply for the whole school vacation period, though, but rather for the first week only, that is, from Monday April 29 through Sunday April 3rd. As for the following week, the schedule restrictions for beaches and night clubs will be lifted.

“We have gone over it and the restrictions will be in place during the first week only, but we will keep the measures and protocols we have been working with the last few months”, said Mr. Velázquez.


  • Night clubs and restaurants will be open up to 11:00 pm only.
  • Beaches will be open to public use from 5:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the evening.
  • Hotels must have a 66% occupancy at the most.


Mr. Velázquez also stated that business owners had a one-month warning, so they have no excuses to comply with them. Otherwise, there will be harsh sanctions or even closing.