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Happy Friday guys and girls! Last week I was walking down Olas Altas when I turned the corner to run into Francisco, a local tree expert, trimming the ficus trees on Pulpito Street. I asked what was going on and he explained that the businesses on the street had pooled their resources and were pruning the trees to create a tropical paradise. Calle Pulpito is a unique street, that when the trees are trimmed correctly there is a great view of the bay from Olas Altas down Pulpito – you don’t think? The idea is to create a canopy high above which will shade the street but still give light.

I asked myself, what businesses were involved in this project? And I found the restaurants, real estate offices and bars in the area had been meeting about how they can join forces to create a ‘Foodies Paradise’ in the Amapas area.

Rumbo Restaurantero or Restaurant Row was born from this idea. It includes the following restaurants and bars: Trattoria Michel, Sama, Salud, The Swedes, Garbo’s, Coco’s Kitchen, Maia, Pan y Que, NU, La Palapa, and Fusion Gourmet.

There eleven amazing places are within easy walking distances. Oscar Moran from the newly renovated Villa Mercedes Hotel joined the group and plans on doing after-beach drinks by the hotel pool.

After deciding on a name the group knew they needed to make sure the street looked its best. The plan is to prune the trees and then light with fairy lights, creating a tropical food heaven.

The next step will be to develop programming for the area and joint promotion after creating a logo which will include all the businesses.

The Amapas district is realizing what can happen when the neighbors come together for the common good. It’s a very exciting place to live and work. Vallarta has always been friendly but the Amapas district has a special charm.

OK, guys and girls – see you around Olas Altas. If you want to know more about what to do in Puerto Vallarta or have something you’d like me to write about it, feel free to contact me.

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