Rescue Ramón’s Restaurant

By Hilary Davis

In the town of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle a group of ladies regularly meet over a delicious breakfast made by Ramón. On learning the dire circumstances of this beloved man, the team have organized a fundraiser to help Ramón rebuild his restaurant and they’re asking for your help too.


Ramones, the rustic palapa restaurant, offers Mexican and American dishes made with fresh ingredients selected at our local markets. Ramón is an excellent chef boasting 30 years experience. He has cooked for various well-known people including Tony Hawk, the celebrity skateboarder.


Over his lifetime Ramón has faced many challenges. Living in “Cartolandia”, a town made of shacks in an area of extreme poverty and crime and having been robbed several times, he decided to move to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle to get away from the poor living conditions. Sleeping for many months in his van and then camping in the restaurant until he saved enough money to build a small room, was a situation his family were willing to endure for a better life.

Helping Ramón to free himself from Cartolandia, his friend offered him a piece of land to rent.  After spending his life savings erecting the restaurant, he discovered a huge error. He had been advised incorrectly and had built on a lot that was not his friend’s. Everything had to be torn down and moved. He dismantled and salvaged as much as possible.

Over the past two years, Ramón has established loyal patrons who enjoy his excellent cooking.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, his friend can no longer rent to him. Ramón must vacate the property by November 30, 2018. Having invested his earnings into the restaurant his funds are minimal to start over, yet again. Ramón is now tearing down and salvaging to rebuild on a third site, a few lots over from the present location. He has secured a three-year lease and reconstruction is underway.


Money is urgently needed so Ramón can participate in the upcoming high season. This is crucial, as earnings have to be budgeted to last through the following low season.


Concrete Floor $10,000 pesos.

Palapa Roof $2,000 pesos.

Building $25,000 pesos.

Sinks and Cupboards $12,000 pesos.

Stove $15,000 pesos.

Fridge $15,000 pesos.

Miscellaneous and Labour: $20,000 pesos.

TOTAL: $99,000 PESOS.

$6707.00 CAD

$5127.00 USD

Thank you. We hope we have inspired you enough to give generously to this campaign.