Random Thoughts from the Tribune sports Desks

By Joel Hansen

It’s week three of the NFL season and seriously, is everyone sick of FanDuel and DraftKings yet? They seem to sponsor everything; every commercial, every billboard at every stadium everywhere, all the time. All the sports radio I am streaming is brought to you by one or the other or both. It is affecting how people broadcast and report the game.
Devonta Freeman is 13th in league rushing right now, but he is all you hear about. Why? Because of his fantasy value.
Sure, he has a ton of touchdowns, but because he was a relatively low buy on these sites, and with all these sports shows being sponsored by these one day draft companies you would think he is the second coming of Barry Sanders.
Now word comes that a DraftKings employee finished second on Sept. 27 in the FanDuel NFL Sunday Million contest, which paid out a total of $5 million in prizes, including $1 million to the winner.
In a statement issued early Tuesday morning, DraftKings said that it conducted a “thorough investigation, including examining records of internal communications and access to our database,” and found that “this employee could not have used the information in question to make decisions about his FanDuel lineup.”
The employee admitted to inadvertently releasing data before Week 3 NFL games, the New York Times reported on Monday. DraftKings, in its statement, said that the “employee in question did not receive the data on player utilization until 1:40 p.m. ET on Sept. 27,” and FanDuel lineups locked at 1 p.m. ET.
“This clearly demonstrates that this employee could not possibly have used the information in question to make decisions about his FanDuel lineup.
Again, there is no evidence that any information was used to create an unfair advantage and any insinuations to the contrary are factually incorrect,” DraftKings said in the statement. Sure thing DraftKings, I think I will keep my gambling to drunken wagers at the bar, easier to keep track of.
Another week and another new member to the Cerveceros family. I want to congratulate Monica, Chase and Sebastian on the new addition to the family. Welcome to Puerto Vallarta Noah!
Speaking of the Brewers look for them in action this Sunday at 1pm at the stadium across from the Sheraton. We will be the old guys icing hamstrings and drinking beers.

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  1. I have no interest in football, other than my grandson plays, but I thoroughly enjoy your ‘Random Thoughts from the Tribune Sports Desk’. I feel like I’ve been evesdropping on a conversion between some armchair broadcasters at a sports bar. Fun!

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