Random Thoughts from the Tribune sports Desks

So I am a creature of habit and superstitions. Last year for I spent my Sundays watching football and more importantly the Philadelphia Eagles at Que Pasa. Mike treated me good, and I would often get the sound on the game I wanted.
The food is good, the beer is cold and most importantly the Eagles were winning. In fact, last year halfway through the season I had an almost perfect record watching the Eagles at Que Pasa. Then I switched my allegiance and started watching my Eagles games at Los Muertos.
Where the food is excellent and the beer is also cold, but at Los Muertos my record has been crap.
The Eagles promptly tanked and finished out of the playoffs. So this season I started 0-2 and the Eagles looked hopeless. I returned to my roots this past weekend and we get the win. I know this isn’t science, but come on.
Speaking of Los Muertos, the Cerveceros suffered another setback in their pursuit of a Liga de Softball (Division 4) pennant this past week with yet another late inning collapse.
Two key errors from the usually stellar outfield (Yes, I am an outfielder, so what?) in the bottom of the 6th were the straw to break the back of a fine outing from starter Gerry Montenegro.
Heading into the pivotal inning, the Brewers held the lead 11-8 with two outs but those two errors accounted for four runs and the Brewers were unable to make up the difference.
The Brewers were missing a number of starters, including 3rd baseman Paul Mayers who felt that the birth of his second child was a good enough reason to be absent. Well actually that is a pretty good reason, so congratulations to Paul, Lindsay and Brooks and bienvenido a la familia Jaxson.
Also starting left fielder Sean “El Oso” Romero seemed to be suffering from a stomach virus as he was seen and heard vomiting in the outfield, the club released no details on this injury, but this reporter will be sure to follow up on this developing story.