Random Thoughts from the Tribune Sports Desks

I know it has been awhile since my award winning (?) column has appeared in these hallowed pages, so I apologize in advance if you were turning to this page in hopes of reading something good and instead have to suffer through my ramblings.
Last Friday, I was pulling into a parking spot on my way to lunch at El Campanario when I was stopped by slight, older Mexican gentleman, struggling on the sidewalk with a number of baskets. “Hello my friend, I know you,” he said.
“Really?” I asked.
“You are a writer in the Vallarta Tribune, I recognize your picture”.
I felt a swelling of pride, this was the first time anyone had recognized me. I shot a sideways look at my son who was with me, but engrossed with his phone as usual. “Well thanks, I am glad you like my column, it’s always nice to meet a fan” I said, hopefully loud enough for Max to hear and pay attention. I wonder if this old-timer will ask me for my autograph? I thought. Maybe a selfie with me? I wonder if I have a pen in my truck. Maybe I should ask Max to grab it for me.
“Hey Max can you get me a …”
The old man cut me off, “Your articles used to be pretty good, and very funny, but now not as much,” he replied as he readjusted his load of baskets. “You should write again and maybe try to be funny,” he offered. “That’s what I think you need to do.” He shrugged, wished me luck and walked on.
As Max and I sat down in the restaurant he looked up from Whatsapp or whatever he was doing and asked who the old man was. “Umm…nobody, he was asking for directions, let’s order.”
You know what is awesome about an Alabama loss? Not only is it a loss for that weasel Nick Saban, but that clown Lane Kiffin is also taking it on the chin. Not sure if you know this, but I hate those two.
Week Two of the NFL already has me questioning my blind faith in Chip Kelly. After two games the Eagles are a dumpster fire; the free agent signings of Byron Maxwell and Demarco Murray seem like mistakes; and apparently the only play that we have on any 3rd down is a screen pass to Darren Sproles. There is still lots of time left in the season but since 1995 only 11% of teams that start 0-2 make the playoffs, or about one team a year. With the Seahawks and Colts also 0-2 it makes me worried. Both of those teams are better than the Eagles (on paper anyways) so I guess I am hoping this is the year that we see three 0-2 teams make the playoffs. Full disclosure, I also have all 3 teams picked to be in the final four in a playoff pool.
In local sporting news the Los Muertos Cerveceros improved to 4-6 in Division 4 softball action on the weekend with a 12-9 win over rivals, Señor Beer.
The Brewers were led by Dan Camacho who pitched a nine run jem and helped his cause by driving in three. Camacho pitched out of a bases loaded jam in the pivotal 6th inning, snuffing a late rally from the Señor Beer side. In recent weeks the Brewers have been particularly susceptible to giving up heartbreakingly late inning runs and allowing victory to slip through their fingers. Fortunately it was not to be on Sunday as stellar defense and timely hitting powered the Los Muertos side to the W. First baseman Eric “Rooster” Fulfer was overheard saying, “ Now that’s what I am talking about!” and that he looked forward to a few cold Pacificos after the game.
I had the chance to catch up with a few fans after the game, running into the editor of this very paper who told me, quote, “it’s nice to see you guys actually win a game for once,” unquote. Thanks for that Madeline.
With the win, the Brewers climbed to 10th place in league standings and look to stay hot verses Pescado La Morena on Sunday afternoon. Come join us for some rousing baseball.


  1. Hay Mr. Random Thoughts from the Tribune Sports Desks, I have a better story from a reader of the Vallarta Tribune who stopped me at the Flea Market alongside the Cruse Ship Port as follows: A young Mexican man came up to me and said “I know who you are, you are a reporter for the Vallarta Tribune newspaper!”.

    I thought, how did he know, I have not had my picture in the Tribune. However , I have had my name a number of times on the Editorial Page over the past some five years (Thank You Madeline ) , one being a fill in sports page letter on the World Champion San Francisco Giants World Series parade down Market street.

    I know, for many of the stores and shop owners receive handout papers each week, and I have seen them reading the Vallarta Tribune, and seen where I have mention their store , and am a good repeat customer. They never said that I was funny, but appreciated my business and information that I always gave them on their products.

    Some interesting sports facts from the top sports city in the world San Francisco (?) , home of the Giants baseball team (3 world championships in 5 years) the Golden Gate Warriors Basketball world champions, and the 49er football team with some 5 super bowl championships,

    Speaking of the new 49er Levi’s Football Stadium, there are problems beside the traffic and parking. The grass was not laid down right and had to be replaced. Also the night lighting and signs are too bright as the stadium is in the flight path of incoming planes landing in the San Francisco International Airport, and the concern is that in poor weather pilots my mistake the lights for the runway, and crash into the stadium filled with 45,000 or more cheering fans.

    And, this is no laughing matter.

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