Random Thoughts from the Tribune sports Desks

By Joel Hansen


The fifth annual International Resort Real Estate Summit (A.I.R.E.S.) was held at the Paradise Village Resort in Nuevo Vallarta last week from June 25-27. The event was hosted by 2015 AMPI President Tony Hanna from Veracruz and the driving force behind the event, Miguel Lemus, from Lemmus Real Estate.
The event highlighted emerging market trends and potential opportunities present in both master planned resort communities, as well as luxury beachfront properties in areas of Mexico such as Cancun, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta. The event featured speakers in both conference and panel discussions, who shared their expertise, covering various subjects, such as baby boomer investments in San Miguel de Allende and other retirement destinations, marketing trends, insurance ownership and trusts, medical tourism and how it affects real estate decisions for expats and the increasing role of China in the Mexican Market place.
A few highlights that stood out were: during the panel discussion involving Carlos Manuel Joaquin Gómez from Mexico Tourism Board and FONATUR Marketing Sub-Director José Armando García Triana Camil they were questioned about the future of Litibu and if/when additional investment could be expected to complete (or restart) the mess that they created there.
Rather than give any type of noteworthy answer Garcia skirted the answer and began to highlight upcoming projects in Sinaloa rather than discuss the failed projects (so far) of Litibu and to a lesser extent Loreto, but some truly fine politicking for sure.
Javier Govi proved to be a disappointing speaker. Presented as an expert on Baby Boomers, much of his information was inaccurate regarding present infrastructure for retirees here in Mexico or comprised of statistics that have been taken secondhand and presented as his own. Perhaps the hottest topic at the event was the development of Costalegre, the proposed airport and the list of heavy hitting investors coming to the region.
As a longtime supporter of AMPI it is great to see successful events like this one growing and attracting attention from both Realtors in Mexico, but also from Canada and the United States who are looking to educate themselves on the possibilities that exist in Mexico. The event featured an Expo hall for related business and Puerto Vallarta was well represented by many local business, including Tropicasa, Garza Blanca, Mexlend and Mexi-Go!.


  1. I see in the Woman’s World Soccer Cup England ousts Canada 2-1 in the quarter finals, and the United States team is in the finals, haven beat top ranked Germany in the semi-finals. The U.S. remains a super power in World sports.

  2. Team USA won the Cup in the first few minutes of play as it dominated Japan’s team, winning 5-2. The Russian woman used to be known for their strong women in world sports, and , now it is the United States women.

  3. A report from a man on the street in San Francisco regarding the newspaper headlines that report “Dominant”, “Win Big Time “, who watches a senior Japanese man screaming at the newspaper headlines in the newspaper rack “I’s a lie, why do they not report the truth?”. I reply ” Are from the other side of the planet where everything is upside down … are you crazy/” The Japanese man replies ” No, our tem won because they out played the U.S. A. team in the second half !”, and slowly walked away as I replied that the whole game counts.

    Walking on I partly remember the childhood story of the mighty racehorse with a gentle heart who was the first horse in the race out of the starting gate and at the half way mark way ahead, slowed down to a walk for the rest of the race so not to hurt the feelings of the other horses. Of course this did no reflect this years championship game but last years when the U.S.A. team lost to the Japanese team in the final play of the game.

    I wondered if the Japanese man expected this to happen in this years championship game also?

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