Random Thoughts from the Tribune Sports desk.

By Joel Hansen
Well, as they say in baseball, it’s a ‘get away day’ for me today.
I am traveling back to Canada for a month, my other job at Mexi-Go! has me hosting a number of retire and travel to Mexico seminars across Western Canada; in such exotic locations as Medicine Hat, Saskatoon and Kamloops, among others. I am looking forward to drinking some craft beer and eating some Alberta beef, but you know I would rather be on the beach in Mayto than scraping ice off a rental car windshield in Edmonton. It’s a bit of a dog week in sports, the NBA and NHL are in the home stretch, but not quite into the final play-off push, the NFL draft is still two months away and pitchers and catchers are playing catch, but not ramping up spring training yet.
Lebron James did get kicked in the nuts by James Harden a few nights ago, I am an immature jerk so I thought it was funny, but other than that, not much to report from the NBA. All the fun has come out of the trade deadline day for the NHL because of the salary cap. This is a shame; I remember as a kid loving the trade deadline. I used to pore over the old Hockey News weekly paper, memorizing the rosters of every team and I loved all the reporting on the trades. Nowadays I feel bad for those so called experts on their panels, sitting all day trying to break the news of a trade first, speculating on deals that never happen; it’s turned into a giant yawn fest. As I mentioned, I will be out of town for a few weeks. I ask that you keep an eye on things around the bay for me; spend plenty of time at the beach and please feel free to swing by my place to water my plants. (I asked my 13 year old to do this for me, but let’s be honest, I will probably come back to a house full of dead plants.)
Also, do not forget the American Legion Chili Cook-Off up at El Rio on March 14th, live music, cold beer and plenty of chili to sample. Funds raised will support, among other things, Puerto Vallarta’s own American Football team, the Torpedos. What’s not to love? See you in a few weeks Puerto Vallarta.
Nos vamos luego!


  1. The San Francisco newspapers have a sports page everyday of the week. In today’s paper the headlines say : “Cain returns for Giants”; “Curry , Warriors notch 50th win”; “Goodbye , Willis ?”: “Front -office turn out nothing new for 49ers”. and a few days ago: “Bumgarner hit hard by A’s in spring opener” and “Spring brings baseball’s return”.

  2. This mornings sports article in the San Francisco Examiner “Sandoval should stick to baseball while with Sox”

    At the 2014 Giants’ World Series parade, he said, among other things, “I love being here and to be here for the rest of my career.” Last week , months after signing with the Red Sox for less money that the Giants offered, he basically said of San Francisco, “Hated it !” Dude went from lifelong local legend to Public Enemy No. 1 with a few thoughtless sentences . What a turd . Have another doughnut, jackass. Bad for Ball.

    The Giants to a man, showed class. Wouldn’t even dignity the clown’s comments with a response. Good for them. Good for Ball.

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