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Cowboys stink!
By Joel Hansen

I am writing this the day before American Thanksgiving. Tomorrow for me is bird-day and I don’t mean the turkey.
I mean the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Dallas Cowboys; one of the great rivalries in sports and my personal favourite rivalry in all sports.
My whats-app has been blowing up all week with texts from buddies all over Mexico, Canada and the States. My Facebook feed is littered with ‘friends’ posting Cowboys crap on my page.
Why? Because, I really and truly hate the Cowboys. I hate that smug pervert Jerry Jones and his weird crooked teeth;I hate dopy five-time concussed Troy Aikman in the booth with Joe Buck; I hate Jimmy Johnston fleecing the Vikings and building the 1990’s Dallas dynasty that always broke my heart; I hate Americas team (whatever that means); I hate Emmitt Smith gashing the Eagles defense on the Counter Trey run that we could never stop; I hate their giant stupid scoreboard and; I hate the Cowboys fans reminding me about all their Superbowl rings, even if they need to blow some dust of them to show me.
I love that the Eagles are playing Dallas on Thanksgiving. They are tied on top of the division, that it is the 25 year anniversary of the Bounty Bowls and that I am watching the game and eating turkey dinner with some good friends from the US.
There were two rules with the invite though, I am supposed to bring pumpkin pie and leave my Eagles jersey at home. Now I am really torn, the host is a pretty well-known chef around town and I know dinner will be spectacular. But, can I watch the game without my McCoy jersey?
Maybe I should stop by Bang-On and get Paul to make me a Cowboys Suck t-shirt in Kelly green. There is nothing on the invite about that.
On a more somber note, a good friend of mine, Ted Clethro, has been battling a serious health issue and has been in the hospital for the past few months.
Ted is a driving force behind the Liga de Softball here in Puerto Vallarta and on Sunday, November 29th there is an eight team tournament happening at the Sheraton stadium. It will be a great time and there are a number of raffles and prizes with all the proceeds going to help Ted and his medical bills. If you are looking for something to do- stop by, say hola, buy some raffle tickets and enjoy some really high level baseball. (Ok, maybe not that high level, but enjoyable for sure)
Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends and remember, Fly Eagles Fly.

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  1. Joel,

    I hated these random thoughts … for they were not upbeat and did not follow the Lord’s commandment to love thy neighbor . However in America the word HATE is associated with political correctness, in a Christian Nation who’s motto is “In God we Trust”. I also felt bad when the Dallas Cowboy football team would win over the San Francisco 49ers football team. However being a good sport, I accepted that in those games the 49ers were out played, and perhaps deserved to have lost, or that God was on the Cowboys’ side.

    Sounds like you lost some money betting against the Cowboys at some time. I never bet money, and thus have nothing to loose. It is only a game. And most of the players are paid millions, have children , and beautiful wives or girlfriends . Now that is something I could hate if I was not so lucky!

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