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By Joel Hansen
I have to be honest, I never thought I would talk NASCAR in this column. Not that I don’t like car racing, I am a bit of Formula One snob and love rally and trophy truck racing, but have always kinda looked down on NASCAR. But, my thinking might be changing since last weekend’s brawl in the pits at the Texas Motor Way.

If you are not familiar with the story – after a restart of the race some dude named Brad Keselowski tried to shoot between another dude named Jimmie Johnson and a dude named Jeff Gordon. He made contact with Gordon’s number 24 car (this is how these guys refer to each other, by their numbers, another thing I learned) clipped his rear wheel and cut the tire. Gordon finished 29th and now needs to win his next race to stay alive in the Sprint Cup Chase. (Whatever that is.)

Anyways this really worked up Jeff Gordon (who I only know because he sang “take me out the ball game” at Wrigley Field once and called it Wrigley Stadium, which as you know caused the Cubs fans to boo him mercilessly. So Gordon, understandably hot, confronted Bradley after the race who was dismissive of Gordon’s complaints.

Now personal appearance isn’t generally fodder for this esteemed sports writer and usually has no place in an award winning column like mine, but this guy Bradley looks like a complete weasel.
Most of the reports I have read by NASCAR experts (whose names all seem to end in a y) all agree that what Bradley did wasn’t wrong, just good old fashion racing, but I can see the appeal to wanting to take a swing at him. And it seems like most drivers in NASCAR want to do just that.

In fact, my new and only favourite driver Kevin Harvick even pushed Bradley back into the fight after he tried to hide behind his pit crew and reportedly told him to man up and fight his own battles. Awesome. I love these guys and I am actually looking forward to the next race, especially after I heard a bloodied Gordon interviewed after the fight and drop a “dipshit” on Bradley when describing him and his racing style.

I can’t wait for The Quicken Loans Race for Heros 500 (yes, that’s its real name) in Phoenix.

Boggity Boggity, as they say.

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  1. Joel,
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