Random thoughts from the Tribune Sports desk

By Joel Hansen

It’s nice to be back in our little slice of heaven. I have returned from the frozen tundra of Canada and as the memories of scraping ice from car windows begins to fade and my tan begins to return, I am here again to offer a few pointless views on the world of sports. -As I write this Game Seven of the World Series is tonight.
As a lifelong fan of the Cardinals there is no way I can cheer for the Giants, as usual they beat my Cardinals in the NLCS in heartbreaking fashion. And as a kid I loved George Brett and have always loved the KC hat and logo but for the past almost 30 years that has been all there is to love about them; a cool logo and a player who retired when I was 15.
But here they are, poised to win one more game and the final World Series in the Bud Selig era. It would be a fitting end to his tenure if a small market team like the Royals win – even if they play baseball like a bunch of little leaguers.
-What do you do if you are a complete ass and media hound who used to play/cheat at baseball? Well, if you are Jose Cansenco you allegedly shoot yourself in the hand by accident with a pistol in your own home according to reports from the Las Vegas PD.
Thankfully his teenage daughter tweeted out that her dad is doing fine, so we can all breathe easier. -NCAA released their first CFP rankings for the new playoff format beginning this season. A few surprises.
The two teams with zero loses are on top, so the local PV chapter of the Florida State boosters will be happy. And of course I am happy because Alabama was not ranked in the top five. If you read my column at all, you know how I feel about that rat Nick Saban, who incidentally just had his 3.2 million dollar mortgage paid off by an Alabama alum group further fuelling my dislike for him.
Nice to see Oregon in the five spot and a little surprised by the number ten ranking for Notre Dame, but there is still half a season left and there are a lot of changes still to come.
-Locally, the Puerto Vallarta Torpedoes American Football team continues their domination. The senior team has not lost a game in nearly three years and have sent many players to universities in both Mexico and the United States on scholarship.
The team runs an American style academy with emphasis on both football and education and works closely with a number of primary and secondary schools. If you have a son or daughter who is interested in playing, please contact Coach Luis Miguel at 322 108 3900 for more information. The age ranges from 5 to 18.
-And finally my return to Puerto Vallarta means it’s time to get back to work on my Spanish lessons.
I had been worried that my extended stay in Canada would allow all that knowledge to slip from between my ears, however I am pleasantly surprised by how muchI have retained and is a testament to the hard work of the teachers at the Spanish Experience Center.
If they can teach a dope like me, they can help you learn the language with no problems. www.spanishexperiencecenter.com
If you are out and about this weekend look for me on Friday night at Solar for the big Halloween party and you can find me watching sports most other days up at Que Pasa.


  1. So sorry to read Joel that you do not like the San Francisco Giants professional and World Champion baseball team. They have nearly equaled the San Francisco 49ers football Super Bowl trophies. Fortunately or unfortunately … the Giants have become an every other year team. Won the World Series in four games in 2000, by five games in 2002, and by seven games in 2014. So do not bet on them to win again in 2015, wait another year.

    In San Francisco, everybody watched the seven games; and hundred of thousands of cheering fans showed up at the Giant parade on Halloween afternoon ; and millions from around the world. There was so much confetti dropping down from the high rise buildings on Market street the parade route. that between the rain , wind and confetti, it looked like a hurricane. I do not know how the cheering fans could be counted, for they could hardly been seen at timed during the numerous rain showers.

    Rain may stop baseball play, but it does not a parade. The announcer said that the crowd seemed to be double two years ago where some million persons attended. My wife Loretta disapproves of my watching the professional sports games, but this year she was watching all the games (and telling all about the Giants) especially to see if she could see our three grandsons at the games at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Their other grandmother sells tickets for the Giants and 49er games and gets them free tickets to the games in S.F.

    By the way … all time Giant baseball great Willie Mays lives just up the street from us, and has a Bronze statue of himself in front of the AT&T Baseball Park.

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