Radical Self-love in 2017

 It may sound narcissistic, but self-love is a word that has been circulating more in recent years, just like self-care. What does it mean exactly? It probably means different things to different people as there isn’t and there shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter answer.

I will tell you what it means for me as I continue to define the word myself. It means taking a nourishing approach to your very existence.

Noticing where you need to grow and heal and honoring your body and all of its facets with greater respect and the nourishment of your body, mind and soul. It is cherishing yourself with all your wonderful traits and your self-perceived imperfections.
I grew up thinking that my body was made up of “parts” and while there may be some truth to that, those parts work in harmony together.

We also have energy systems in our body that we cannot see with the naked eye, but through yoga, meditation, or anything that helps us find a “flow” or state of mindfulness, we realize that we’ve tapped into a source of creativity and universal love that flows through all things.
I used to strive for an unattainable “perfection” because those were the messages that were given to me in the media, from my peers, from my parents. In many cases the people in my life didn’t know any better either, they were just repeating a pattern taught to them.
And so the cycle continued, until I stopped to reflect on what messages I was giving myself and when that seed was planted.

It is through recognition of your own programming and pain that you can begin to heal and grow in ways that you hadn’t imagined. At least that has been the case for me.
And it is through the willingness to look within that you embraced love for self.
From there, you begin to see that you are worthy of receiving nourishing food or taking the time for a nice bath or a stroll in the neighborhood to make you happy.
As you begin to realize that “you are enough,” you throw in that wonderful self-respect, self-care, self-love in personal ways that give you unstoppable radiance to create the life you want.

Marcella Castellanos is a bilingual certified healthy lifestyle coach. After having struggled with her own body image and health issues, it is her mission is to empower you to live a healthy, radiant, abundant life with solution for holistic weight loss,  having more energy  vitality and inspiration. She is excited to be leading RADIANCE – a FREE 7 Day Self-love Challenge that starts January 13th. To learn more about this fun event visit her facebook page: MarcellasWellness or type in this URL to register: bit.ly/rad2017. You can also visit her website: www.marcellacastellanos.com for new recipes, tips and vibrant living updates.